France: Vegan Terrorist Commit Midnight Atrocity Against Meat-Serving Restaurant

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 27, 2018

I don’t want to generalize, but most Vegans are completely out of their fucking minds. It’s a stupid diet choice that makes you angry and weak and emotional and tired all the time. Perfect for a leftist. And while I’m not a nutritionist, most nutritionists are complete idiots that think reading up on what protein is makes them qualified to tell me what to eat.

So fuck them too.

I just try to eat the foods that my grandparents ate. If it was good enough for my ancestors, it’s good enough for me. Besides, I’m a Millennial and I can just slather some avocado on top to make anything healthy.

So whenever I meet someone who forsakes meat because of some weird advice from a nutritionist or something they read online, I immediately think that this person is mentally damaged or has been radicalized by the dangerous ideology of their nutritionist.

You can never trust a Vegan. They are a menace to society.


A meat-focused restaurant in the in Alpine city of Grenoble, southeast France, has been trashed by a mystery vandal, with the words “Vegan Terror” left scrawled across it, local media reports.

The staff of the La Boucherie (The Butchery) restaurant in Grenoble woke up to an ugly sight on Monday morning, after the unknown saboteur went to work on the front of the building. Fourteen windows were smashed and the words “Vegan Terror” painted on with black letters. Police have described the suspect as masked, hooded and dressed in black, TV channel France 3 reports.

That’s all we needed now lol. Vegan terrorists.

This is really a blast from the past. Back in the day, you had militant hippies doing this sort of environmental terror.

But I thought environmental terrorism died out with the Unabomber. I mean we saw a bit of a flare-up over the Keystone Pipeline, but nothing too serious.

Is this the beginning of a new trend?

Think about it: all those avocado-munching Millennials might not be willing to die for their country, their faith or anything of importance, but for their diet?


In the near future, we might have Gluten-Free Death Squads roaming the suburbs, preying on every Safeway and Giant in a holy Jihad promoted and sponsored by Whole Foods.

No, but seriously, I get the feeling that we will live to see some more really dark but funny stuff go down as people lose their minds all around us.

Keep safe, and never surrender your steak.