France: Union Protesters March Against Granny-Fetishist Macron!

Daily Stormer
November 19, 2017


Emmanuel Macron is not turning out to be the hero that the French left had claimed.

In fact, everyone in the country appears to hate him.


French unions protested against President Emmanuel Macron’s labour law reform for the fourth time this autumn on Thursday. Although the turnout was reported to be lower than on previous days of action, they vowed to keep fighting policies they claim favour the rich at the expense of ordinary people.

There were demonstrations in some 170 towns and cities across France on Thursday and, although thousands turned out, attendance was down on previous days of action, according to police estimates.

For the first time the Force Ouvrière (FO) federation called on its members to join the protests following a rank and file revolt against its refusal to participate in previous marches.

That did not lead to an unalloyed show of unity in the southern port city of Marseille, however.

There were two marches there, one of FO members, the other by members of the CGT union, which has spearheaded the protest movement, and its allies, although they met at the final rally.

And hard-left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon attended neither, joining members of his France Unbowed party on the sidelines and criticising divisions in the unions in comments to the press.

In Paris CGT leader Philippe Martinez promised to continue the fight against Macron’s policies.

He is a young, dumb guy who was thrown out there specifically to stop Marine Le Pen from winning, after the basic bitch establishment candidates collapsed under the weight of scandals.

Le Pen had a bunch of hardcore populist economic left positions, but she was a “Nazi,” so now you’ve got a commie going to war with the unions in the name of big business.

But at least the French get to keep their millions upon millions of Islamic gang-rapists, ensuring that there will be no shortage of burned cars this coming new year.