France: Two Youths Gang-Rape Teenage Girl and Share Footage on Twitter

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
December 26, 2019

We used to perform the tedious task of raping our own women, but now we outsource that job to the vibrant peoples of the world.

This is called Progress and it is good for the Rape Economy because by making the price of rape cheaper, it makes rape a much more accessible commodity for the average salariat woman.

Daily Mail:

France’s government has taken aim at Twitter after footage of two teenage boys allegedly raping a young girl was widely shared on the website.

Two 16-year-old boys have been arrested in Essonne on the outskirts of Paris over the alleged sex attack.

Footage of the suspected assault circulated widely on Twitter and police yesterday urged social media users not to share it any further.

Speaking to Le Parisien, equalities minister Marlene Schiappa said she had demanded that Twitter remove the video but said the social network was ‘not up to it.’

As soon as I heard about this, I immediately contacted Twitter to get this taken down,’ Schiappa said.

‘That social network is not up to it, criminals know that, that’s why they use it.’

Yeah, shut it down.

Don’t let the French people see what their diverse-skinned imports do.

The two boys were charged with assaulting the teenage girl in a stairwell after they were arrested on Friday evening.

According to French media, the minute-long video shows the girl being threatened and insulted before she is attacked and raped by the two boys.

France’s national police force said on Friday evening that many Twitter users had reported the video to them and urged people not to distribute it further.

‘Thanks to your many reports, Essonne police rapidly arrested those behind the alleged rape and the video which was widely distributed yesterday on social networks,’ they said.

‘Thank you for your mobilisation. Thank you for not passing on this video.’

For some reason, the diverse-skinned love to record themselves committing crimes and to share the footage on social media — they’ll even microwave cats for Snapchat.

This cultural practice of theirs is quite inconvenient for the ones looking forward to importing even more of these diverse critters into our countries, because people tend to dislike the idea of aggressive apes randomly gang-raping teenage girls and microwaving cats.

What these bigots opposing gang-rapes and the cultural sport of microwaving cats don’t understand is that what they’ll get in return will far outweigh the pain of their daughters and pets once these youths turn into doctors and IT specialists and start giving back to society.

This is why we can’t really punish them. If you jail them or hurt them, they won’t be able to pay your pension.

We just have to hang in there a little longer.