France: Two Moslem Cops Have Their Guns Taken Away

Daily Stormer
October 12, 2019

Hiring them in the first place was probably a bad idea.

An even worse idea was letting them in your country to begin with.


Two Muslim Paris police officers have had their weapons taken away from them, with one suspended from duty, after allegations that the pair may have been radicalised.

The first officer, a 39-year-old, was ordered to surrender his firearm on Thursday and suspended by the police force as a “precautionary principle”. According to his colleagues, the officer had married a Muslim lawyer in 2011 and began to grow his beard, pray at work and show other signs of religiosity, Le Parisien reports.

In 2018, an investigation into the officer was done by the General Inspectorate of the National Police and the Directorate of Intelligence and found that while the officer was very religious, he was not radicalised. After divorcing his wife, he even shaved his beard and became less isolated from his fellow officers.

However, since the killing of four people, including police officers, earlier this month by Muslim convert Mickaël Harpon, police have become far more cautious, with officers floating the idea that the 39-year-old could be practising “Taqiyya”a form of deceptive concealment of religious belief which Islam permits.

I suspect those officers are gonna have their own guns taken away really soon.

Taqiyya is a neo-Nazi conspiracy theory that isn’t actually real.

I know this because the media told me so.

The media never lies.

The second officer, a 34-year-old from Villeneuve-la-Garenne, had previously been suspended in 2018 after signs of radicalism but was later reinstated after a court appeal this year.

He is said to have encouraged other Muslims to pray with him and refused contact with female colleagues — much like Harpon is said to have done.

The officer also allowed the friend of a known terrorist to borrow his badge and firearm for a photograph.

Of course he was!

There’s no way some rando judge listening to scripted lawyer-speak doesn’t know better than the raghead’s own colleagues!

The Jewdicial system never disappoints.

For those of you who don’t remember – it was memoryholed pretty fast, even though it happened less than 2 weeks ago – some Moslem police employee stabbed 4 French cops to death, and even though they had already known he’s an Islamist, they didn’t do anything about him because they were worried they’d get in trouble for meanthink.

But none of those cops deserve any sympathy.

They were the “victims” of the system that they themselves prop up, and they make a living cracking the skulls of people who are trying to save their lives.

So I’m happy they’re dead, and if the cops really want this kind of thing to stop, I’d suggest turning their guns in the opposite direction and overthrowing Macron and the other kosher buttplugs who run their country.

And they’d better do it soon, because time’s running out…

“French women”