France: Two Broads Create Processed Slop That Looks Eggxactly Like Eggs

Daily Stormer
December 17, 2019

The geniuses who came up with this

See goyim, this is why we need more women in universities – to save the world from chicken farts!


A pair of French biologists have broken down the final frontier in the surge towards veganism.

Students Philippine Soulères and Sheryline Thavisouk decided to take advantage of the booming market for vegan alternatives as part of a project at Paris’ Ecole de Biologie Industrielle. Deciding to focus on the notoriously hard to replicate egg, which features in a host of foods as a binding agent.

The duo created Les Merveilloeufs – a play on ‘merveilleux’ meaning marvellous and ‘oeufs’ translating as eggs – making for an egg replacement that looks as well as acts like the hen’s egg it mimics.

Or you could just eat a real egg, which is both tastier and healthier than this thing – and I can say that without even having eaten it myself.

Most vegtards who eat these factory-made imitations have gone for so long without the real thing that they can’t even tell that it tastes nothing like what it should do.

“Veganism is booming,” Philippine told French daily Le Monde(translated from French).

Sheryline added: “We realized that what was missing most in vegan people’s daily food was the egg, a food that can be found in every meal, from breakfast to dinner, in sweet and savory dishes. We decided to make one.”

The recipe of their vegan-friendly egg remains under wraps, telling Le Monde that it contains vegetable and mineral materials.

No, you decided to make a processed imitation of an egg that has none of the nutrients of an actual egg and who knows what chemicals in it.

That you can even call this an “egg” is disgusting and false advertising, and shouldn’t even be legal.

It took more than 50 test recipes and three years to reach a stage where the product was recognisable in its current form as something consumers would want from an egg, the creators said.

Despite their egg alternative being completely free of hens and cocks, they’ve managed to maintain a remarkable likeness to an egg, with a distinct white and yolk, setting it apart from competitors that replicate only one functionality. For example, Oggs made with aquafaba are designed for use in baking, while Just’s egg replacer is made with mung beans and comes mixed, ready to scramble.

Les Merveilloeufs even come in their own shells.


Listen up people – the single, simplest way to tell that human beings can’t live without animal products is that, in the entire recorded history of our species, not one single human society has ever lived without them, not on any continent, in any hemisphere or at any period of time.

Do you seriously think people, even unsophisticated cavemen, would’ve risked getting stomped by mammoths or gored by buffaloes if just picking up fruit and vegetables and tubers were a functional alternative?

There’s just far too many nutrients in animal foods that our bodies can’t get from plants, so any group of people who would’ve tried veganism before all sorts of supplements were invented would’ve just gone extinct within a year or two.

And even with all that help from the pharmaceutical industry, veganism still takes a massive toll on your health, both physically and mentally, and this is only gonna get worse now with this ultra-processed fake “meat/eggs/dairy” they’ve started shoving down their throats.

Don’t get jewed out of your health because some retard told you it’s sad that fluffy animals die.

Don’t end up like this