France: Tunisian Migrant Rapes 67-Year-Old Woman

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
June 25, 2018

Well, yeah, but if your grandmother isn’t raped you can’t get genuine kebabs.

Don’t you want kebabs?

Voice of Europe:

On June 15th, in the town of Frejus, while walking her dog in a park, a 67 year old woman was violently raped by an illegal man from Tunisia, Var-Matin reports.

The woman was walking her dog in the park of Saint-Aygulf when a stranger asked her for a light. When she told him she hadn’t any, the man followed her, jumped on her and dragged her in a ditch. He then proceeded to undress and violently rape her.

The criminal’s identity has been revealed as an illegal Tunisian migrant, via a statement issued on June 19th by Frejus’s mayor, David Rachline.