France: Three Wakandans Eat Another Wakandan’s Ear and Lip

Daily Stormer
February 21, 2018

What is the argument for bringing niggers in Europe?

That argument doesn’t really exist.

At all.

Daily Star:

Police are investigating the violent incident as the trio were arrested on cannibalism charges after the fight turned gruesome.

Four men were reportedly arguing in an apartment Clichy-sous-Bois, Paris, on Sunday when the confrontation became violent at about 6pm.

Three of the men attacked the fourth when the row over money boiled over, reports Le Parisian.

Arguing over money is very different when you’re a nigger than when you’re not a nigger.

It is claimed they ganged up on the other man and violently bit his lower-lip and ear.

The victim managed to fend off the attackers, wounding one in the leg, and call for help.

Cannibalism is their thing sets them apart from everybody else, their “culture,” their “fundamental value” and yet… they can’t even do that right.

Police arrived and arrested three of the men for cannibalism – taking the victims and one of the men to hospital.

Detectives found they could not find pieces of flesh ripped off the man and assumed they had been ingested.

The victim was left “permanently” mutilated by the attack – with all four men being from Cape Verde, an island nation off West Africa.

Fun fact – the shithole where these creatures come from is one of the most stable and advanced countries in Africa, which says a lot about how worse the other ones are.

Police sources told French media they believe the flesh may not have been swallowed “intentionally”.

If that’s true – it makes it even funnier.

Still, it’s good that that bland, boring Europe is finally getting some of this vibrant cannibalism.

We didn’t used to have this before, remember?

Mud countries on the other, they have plenty of it.

If you’ve ever been anywhere that has a sizable minority of people who are neither White nor yellow, then you’ve probably been within walking distance of one of these subhumans eating another one of these subhumans.

And if you were dumb to actually eat any meat there, well… There’s a good chance you ate a chunk of them too.

Then again, how could us cave-dwelling homos ever appreciate fine Wakandan cuisine?