France: Thousands of Anti-Hoax Marchers Attacked by Brutal Cops as Protests Continue!

In English, these hoax marches are being reported on more or less exclusively by RT.

Much of the footage from Twitter is disappearing, mysteriously.

There is clearly an organized plan to prevent Americans from being aware of what is happening all across Europe in terms of this movement against the vaxx. Not that Americans are generally aware of anything that is happening in Europe (at least until it’s time to invade Germany again).


Thousands of people have flooded the streets of French cities, protesting against the implementation of a mandatory Covid-19 health pass for the general public, as well as compulsory vaccination for certain categories of people.

Mass protests kicked off in several French cities on Saturday, with thousands condemning government plans to toughen anti-coronavirus restrictions.

A huge march was held in Paris, where participants were accompanied by a massive police presence, live footage from RT’s video agency Ruptly shows.

The protest has taken place without any major incident so far, with police and marchers only engaging in minor pushing along the route. At one point, law enforcement could be seen pepper-spraying protesters who tried to push against the police line.

Large protests have also been staged in other cities across the country. A massive column of protesters marched through the streets of the southwestern coastal city of La Rochelle to condemn the plans for a health pass.

Another massive protest was held at the northern French city of Lille, with footage from the scene showing the city center flooded with a sea of disgruntled demonstrators.

Some 200,000 protesters were expected to hit the streets of French cities, according to local media reports, citing police sources. So far, French law enforcement has not released any official estimates on the scale of the ongoing protests.

The latest round of protests, which have rocked the country for the past few weeks, comes after France’s top court deemed most of the controversial legislation package to be constitutional. The legislation, approved by the court on Thursday, is expected to come into force on Monday.

The only way Americans would be aware of this is if Sean Hannity told them to be aware of it.

And Sean Hannity is an absolute vaxx shill and NYC urbanite mick scum.

What I will say is this: based on the turnout we’re getting in Europe, we can expect that there will be a significant turnout in America when they announce the vaccine passport agenda.

Unfortunately, Americans are so stupid and unaware that most of them have no idea that the most obvious thing in the universe is coming their way.

What it looks like is that the Biden people will introduce the vaxx pass in the cold months, in order to avoid as much mass protesting as it is possible to avoid.

All of these “back the blue” Americans are in for a shock when they get laid out on their backs by the blue for daring to resist a fed vaxx hoax mandate.