France: Syrian Child Refugee from Rwanda Who Set Fire to Nantes Cathedral Last Year Gets Arrested for Murdering Priest

Another tragedy that could have been easily avoided if white people would simply be nicer to brown people.

How many have to die before whites take responsibility for the behavior of brown people?

France 24:

A Rwandan national suspected of causing a major fire that ravaged the cathedral in the French city of Nantes last year murdered a Catholic priest in western France on Monday, the interior minister and a source close to the investigation said.

“All my support for the Catholics of our country after the dramatic murder of a priest in the Vendée region,” French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin wrote on Twitter, saying he was heading to the scene.

A source close to the investigation, who asked not to be named, told the AFP that the suspect had earlier gone to police in the town of Mortagne-sur-Sevre and declared he had killed a priest.

The slain priest, 60, had been welcoming the man into his church for several months, according to the source.

The man, a Rwandan national named as Emmanuel A., has confessed to being behind the fire at the Gothic Nantes cathedral that horrified France on July 18, 2020.

He had initially been placed under arrest before being freed under judicial control.

Earlier Monday, French far-right leader Marine Le Pen, who accuses the government of being weak on immigration, sought to capitalise on the incident, saying that in France “you can be an illegal migrant, set fire to a cathedral, not be expelled and then reoffend by murdering a priest”.

It seems that is more of simply a summation of the facts than a callous attempt at capitalization.

In a sane society, every evening news reader would be saying the same.

Darmanin immediately accused her of “making a polemic without knowing the facts” saying the man could not be expelled from France while he was under judicial control.

Immigration is set to be a major issue when Le Pen challenges centrist President Emmanuel Macron for the presidency next year.

Senator Bruno Retailleau, a conservative who represents the Vendée region, identified the victim as Olivier Maire. He said the local Catholic church had been housing the man.

Christianity was not prepared for Syrian refugees.

Our doctrine of treating each person as an individual, who is equal under God, is very nice in an all white society, and has led untold numbers of sinners to seek redemption, knowing that no matter what they’ve done in their lives, they will be met by the priest on any given morning as if they had just been born hours earlier, and had no past to speak of.

The welcoming spirit of the church is necessary in order for the basic doctrine of the Christian faith to be maintained. There cannot be judgement at the altar or for that matter at the doorway of a church. It was the duty of the politicians and the rabble themselves to prevent a bloodless invasion for a foreign horde.

Olivier Maire, 60, relaxed around blacks