France: Shocking Figures Show Majority of Crime in Public Transport Done by Foreigners

Keep in mind that the “non-foreigners” in these statistics are actually foreigners as well, except they have a piece of paper that says “France” on it.

Because race is a social construct, but a piece of paper can make anyone French.


In 2020, non-French migrants were accused of being behind 80 per cent of the violent thefts on the Paris region public transit system and 62 per cent of the acts of sexual violence.

The figures released by the French Interior ministry show the backgrounds of those accused of various crimes on public transit systems in the Ille-de-France region, as well as the rest of the country.

In the Ille-de-France region, which includes the city of Paris and its various suburbs, French nationals made up just 20 per cent of those accused of robbery with violence on public transit, while foreigners made up 80 per cent, the largest number, 61 per cent, coming from the North African region.

For thefts without violence, such as pickpocketing, French nationals were even lower at just eight per cent of those accused, while foreigners made up 92 per cent, with North Africans again being the single largest group at 59 per cent.

In terms of those accused of sexual violence aboard public transit in the Paris region, French nationals represented 38 per cent of those accused, while foreigners accounted for 62 per cent, with sub-Saharan Africans being the largest represented group among foreigners at 23 per cent.

The figures come just over three years since a Paris police officer admitted in 2018 that the majority of sex attackers on the Paris metro system were migrants from North African backgrounds.

Rape statistics are always a hoax.

Julian Assange was charged with “rape” for not telling a woman he wasn’t wearing a condom (even though she didn’t ask). We know the Harvey Weinstein story. We know the Brock Turner story. And on and on forever. These new forms of “rape” are used to pad the statistics, so only 62% of rapes are committed by foreigners. Also, the nationality thing pads the statistics.

In terms of grabbing a woman off of the street or in the subway and punching her or holding a knife to her throat and forcibly penetrating her – 100% of these crimes are done by non-whites.