France: Shameless Fun Police Shut Down New Year’s Party

If you’re waiting for the Fun Police to develop a normal human sense of shame, well – you’re going to be waiting a long time.

The Fun Police hate fun, and live only to destroy it.


Some 2,500 partygoers attended an illegal New Year rave in northwestern France, violently clashing with police who failed to stop it and sparking concern the underground event could spread the coronavirus, authorities said Friday.

The revellers had set up the illegal rave in Lieuron south of Rennes in Brittany after skirmishes with police, said a statement from the local prefecture. Many were still on the site Friday as a sanitary cordon was thrown up around it.

Local gendarmes tried “prevent this event but faced fierce hostility from many partygoers” who set one of their cars of fire and threw bottles and stones, it said.

Those present had come from across France and even abroad, it said.

Such mass gatherings are strictly prohibited across France to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and a nationwide 8:00 pm curfew — which was not lifted for New Year — applies across the country.

Reports said that the rave party took place in a empty warehouse belonging to a storage company.

Prosecutors have opened an investigation into the illegal organisation of a musical gathering and premeditated violence against persons in authority.

Vehicles registered from all over France were still parked at the site Friday and many revellers were present as techno music thudded away, an AFP journalist said.

The Fun Police are going nuts with the virus hoax, but they always existed.

They’ve always been working in their dark, smokeless rooms to plot ways to prevent people from having a good time and blowing off some steam.

The coronavirus hoax means that the Fun Police are now ascendant, and are taking over the entire system, forcing all members of the society to bend to their grumpy will.

The Fun Police fear only one thing, and that is the True Partier, who is willing to take partying all the way to the next level.

What the Fun Police are now doing is forcing normal partiers to align themselves with hardcore and extreme partiers, who love not true partying, but simple chaos.

The fear is that the True Partiers will eventually embrace hardcore partying to the x-treme.

If the extreme partiers really start partying out of control, then you’d better hold on to your hats – because when they start vibing, the earth is going to shake and it’s going to be a total bloodbath.