France Says They’re Opening Up at Last (They’re Not)

Different governments keep announcing they’re opening things, but they’re not really opening anything.

They’re going to open parts of things, then they’re going to say “oh but someone died, we think it was the virus, we have to close again.”

The France lockdown is insane. They’re the last people that are going to open up.


France tiptoed out of one of Europe’s strictest coronavirus lockdowns on Monday, allowing non-essential shops, factories and other businesses to reopen for the first time in eight weeks as the risks of a second wave of infections loomed large.

With the world’s fifth highest official death toll, France is also re-opening schools in phases and its 67 million people can now leave home without government paperwork, although documentation is still needed for rush-hour travel around Paris.

Theatres, restaurants and bars will remain closed until at least June, as the scramble in South Korea to contain a cluster of cases linked to nightclubs highlighted the peril of new outbreaks emerging.

“Everyone’s a little bit nervous. Wow! We don’t know where we’re headed but we’re off,” said Marc Mauny, a hair stylist who opened his salon in western France at the stroke of midnight.

In Paris, boutiques on the Champs Elysees opened their doors to the public for the first time since March 17. In metro stations, staff handed out face-masks and sanitizer to commuters while stickers on train seats marked out social distancing.

The capital’s La Defense business district was largely deserted as most employees continued to work from home.

Only 10-15% of staff were expected back in their glass towers, a number expected to rise to 25% in June and 70% by September, said Marie-Celie Guillaume, head of the state agency Paris La Defence which manages the district’s public spaces.

“We’re headed for a very slow, gradual return,” she told Reuters.

President Emmanuel Macron’s government lifted the lockdown after the rate of infection slowed and the number of patients in intensive care fell to less than half the peak seen in April. The virus has claimed 26,380 lives in France.

Manufacturing plants can re-open providing they put safety measures in place, which for some means not running at full capacity. People can only travel up to 100 km (62 miles) unless for professional reasons, funerals or caring for the sick.

Firstly, society can’t function with these measures. You can’t keep people six feet apart at all times and run any kind of society. You couldn’t run a medieval society with these measures, let alone a modern urban tech society.

Secondly, there is no plan to open anything. This is a hoax. It is part of a behaviorist brainwashing agenda. There are going to be reopenings and rumors of reopenings, but it’s all going to be shut down again. This is designed to crush your spirit.

They will open what they want to open and keep it open – just like they allowed Walmart and other big-box stores to stay open at the height of the hoax – but they will keep other things shut forever.

They’ve figured out a way to do whatever they want to you. They’re not going to give that up.

Furthermore, they can’t even open up, because there is nothing to open up. They are lying to people about how bad the economy is. As long as we’re locked down, no one knows. So even if they wanted to open up – and they don’t – they wouldn’t be able to. They have to keep it locked down to keep people from rising up.

Understand: this lifting of the lockdown is a hoax.

You are not getting out.

They are lying to you to break your spirit.

Things will open, they will close again, different things will open – it’s all designed to break you.

It is all part of a planned process of getting you to accept a new normal, where you are an impoverished slave class.

The greater your level of awareness of what is going on, the easier it is going to be for you to deal with it without having a psychological breakdown.

Remember: the Jews doing all of this want you to have a psychological breakdown. Maintaining your mental health is an act of resistance against ZOG.