France: “Right-Wing” Politicians Fretting About Bankruptcy of Literal Communist Rag

Daily Stormer
February 4, 2019

90% of all French people are communist frogs. The remaining 10% are regular frogs.

Politics is a lot easier to understand if you think of all politicians, both “right-wing” and “left-wing,” as the same Jew who just changes masks.

The Guardian:

The venerable French communist newspaper L’Humanité is fighting bankruptcy, with even rightwing politicians taking out subscriptions to help keep it afloat.

The 114-year-old daily has appealed to readers to support its “great battle” to continue publishing as a court prepares to rule next week on whether it can be saved.

The paper was founded in 1904 by the French socialist leader Jean Jaurès and became the official paper of the French Communist party after 1920. It was an important player in the French press after the second world war, but daily sales have fallen from hundreds of thousands of copies at its height to about 30,000 copies today.

Virtually every article on the Daily Stormer has gets more eyeballs than this rag does…

The French government’s system of giving direct and indirect state subsidies to all press titles has benefited L’Humanité, and successive French presidents have sought to ensure the title kept going until now. Its Italian equivalent, L’Unità, folded two years ago.

But the paper’s falling advertising revenue and declining sales have pushed it into crisis. With insolvency proceedings under way, the title is struggling to find solutions.

L’Humanité’s editor, Patrick Le Hyaric, told the Guardian the paper had “an extremely heavy cash-flow problem” because of production costs, falling advertising and subscriptions that do not plug the gap.

These people can’t even run a heavily subsidized newspaper that is openly supported by every part of the system it’s supposedly against, and these same people are more than willing to overthrow and remake the entire structure of society and turn the lives of tens of millions of people upside down based on some gibberish that even by the kiked mainstream history taught in schools killed more people than literally any other political or religious movement in the history of the world.

Think about that for a minute.

Now think about how important it is to donate to the Daily Stormer.

Le Hyaric argued that L’Humanité was part of French media history. “It represents the workers’ movement, the left, the history of France and the republic, the resistance and also a kind of French independence: during France’s opposition to the war in Iraq, the paper backed that position. Whether you’re on the left or right, you can see that if L’Humanité disappears, a part of France will disappear with it: the pluralism of opinions, the confrontation of ideas.”

A state-subsidized rebel who supports an ideology where your entire family can get killed under the suspicion that you might, at one point, think something unflattering about Glorious Leader’s mustache, living in a country where you can literally go to prison for saying mean things on the internet, is telling us about “pluralism of opinions.”

Is everybody insane?

The media historian Patrick Eveno said: “For the past 20 years, all politicians have said it would be a bad message for the pluralism of the press to let L’Humanité die, so [presidents] Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande all took measures to channel state aid and ensure it survived. We don’t yet know what Emmanuel Macron will do. Until now, no French president wanted to be the one who let L’Humanité fold.”

Julien Dive, a Picardy politician from the rightwing Les Républicains party, was one of several figures on the right who made a donation and subscribed. He argued it was important to protect a variety of views in media and what he called a “monument of the French media landscape”. He said the paper’s coverage was always “impassioned and different” and it was important for people to read views they didn’t necessarily agree with.

In an editorial, the daily Le Monde warned: “The paper, former mouthpiece of the Communist party, has already been on life support for several years … The new call for readers’ generosity will allow it to gain a few more months but it’s hard to see how L’Humanité can survive in its present form.”

Le Monde said the threat to L’Humanité’s survival was “bad news for the pluralism of the media and for freedom of expression”.

Yes, everybody really is insane…

In all fairness though, I must commend communism for the one good thing it does, which is to create a society so miserable that the kind of defectives and imbeciles who genuinely believe in it are the first to die off.