France: Renaud Camus Convicted of “Incitement to Hatred” Against Muslims

Daily Stormer
April 11, 2014

Renaud Camus
Renaud Camus

In France, it is illegal to speak or write in a way that could potentially cause a person to feel a certain specific range of emotions.

From L’Express:

Theorist of the “Great Replacement” which, according to him, menaces French civilisation, the writer Renaud Camus was condemnded this Thursday to pay a fine of 4000 euros for provocation to hatred or violence for remarks madeon 18 December 2010 during the “International hearings on islamisation”.

In addition, he was sentenced to pay 500 euros in damages and interest to MRAP (Mouvement contre le racisme et pour l’amitié entre les peuples) [Movement against racism and for friendship between peoples], which originated the complaint. The 17th Chamber of the Paris Correctional Tribunal judged that the contentious remarks “constitute a very violent stigmatisation of Muslims, presented as ‘thugs’, ‘soldiers’, ‘the armed wing of the conquest’, or even ‘colonists looking to make life impossible to the indigenous people,to force them to flee, to evacuate the terrain”, “or, even worse, to submit in place”.

The tribunal judged that the remarks of the writer in “a stigmatisation of uncommon excess” present, “without anything other than purely formal moderation or restraint” Muslims “as warrior invaders whose sole objective is the destruction and replacement of the French people and civilisation by Islam”. In front of the tribunal, Renaud Camus said he was not “particularly Islamophobic”, but maintained his theory of the great replacement according to which “French civilisation was disappearing under the effect of mass immigration”. In front of the judges, Renaud Camus denied any call to violence, preaching “political action”, but “without being explicit aboutthis and developing the content and the modalities of such action”, said the tribunal.

The judges therefore concluded that the author incited “in a manner that is as obvious as it is irresponsible, to resist the invader who wants to subjugate him and ensure his survival himself and by his own means, in a state of emergency and without waiting for the hypothetical political action vaguely announced by Renaud Camus”. The tribunal also sentenced Luc Roche, teacher of philosophy at a secondary school in the centre of France, to pay 2000 euros on the same charge and to pay 500 euros in damages and interests to MRAP. Renaud Camus and Luc Roche were sentenced to jointly pay 1000 euros to the association for the costs of justice.

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