France Records 52,000 Corona Cases in a Day – Following Total Shutdown of Everything

“Designer face masks” from Paris Fashion Week

What is the difference between 52,000 and 52,000,000?

Can’t we just accept that everyone is going to get this virus? We already know that if we let everyone get it, nothing much happens, and then the numbers go down. Sweden is now among the lowest infection rate countries. They might be the single lowest. They got there by doing nothing at all.

Everything in France is completely shut down.

That hasn’t stopped the virus.

What is the plan here, Europe? Are you just taking cues from Anthony Fauci?


France racked up 52,010 new coronavirus infections in the past 24 hours, health authorities said on Sunday evening. Some 17% of people who were tested during mass testings on Sunday were found to have the virus, Sunday’s data showed.

Case numbers have been increasing dramatically for weeks, with several records announced over the past seven days alone.

France, like much of Europe, has introduced a widespread testing program, reaching more people than when the virus first broke out. However, the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that increased testing “is not the only reason for the increase of COVID-19 cases,” citing the relaxation of preventative measures.

In response to the increase, the French government brought in new restrictions for two-thirds of the country from Saturday. Under the new rules, people can only go out at night if they have good reason to do so. The regulation applies in 54 French administrative regions and in the overseas collectivity, French Polynesia in the South Pacific.

New restrictions.

More of the same.

Just keep shutting everything down forever – with zero plan.

They didn’t do this for cholera, which was a real disease that actually killed people.

People were not asking for proof that a epidemic was happening when cholera hit Paris in the 1830s. But no one ever thought to lock everyone in their houses.

The rest of Europe is doing the same thing.

In Germany, President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, vowed the virus “will not take our future from us,” while acknowledging that the fight against COVID-19 demanded society’s complete focus at the moment. He made the comments in a speech during the ceremony for the German Environment Award.

People should not forget about “humanity’s other great challenges,” such as protecting resources and the environment, he said. Climate change, stressed Steinmeier, is not taking a break during the pandemic.

In Spain, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has declared the country’s second state of emergency, imposing a curfew in all regions except for the Canary Islands. The curfew lasts from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. local time (2200 to 0500 UTC/GMT ) with regional leaders allowed to vary the times, provided the measures are stricter. They will also be allowed to shut regional borders, and public gatherings will be limited to six people from separate households.

Countries across the continent are continuing to report record daily infection figures.

Obviously, with this mass-testing regime, and the fact that the virus is apparently very communicable, if not at all dangerous, they are going to keep recording “record” numbers of infections up through January when the flu season peaks.

And then this will happen next year, and the year after that, and the year after that.

We must simply recognize sunk costs and quit this.

Sweden is fine. They’re fine. Their solution to the alleged crisis was to do nothing and let people live their lives normally and they’re fine. Nothing happened.

What does the average person imagine the plan is here?

Reminder: There is zero evidence thus far that a vaccine is even possible. If it is possible, everyone agrees that it is significantly more dangerous than the virus itself. It might even give you AIDS.

So what is the plan?

Just keep going until everything is destroyed, I guess.

People are going to be shocked when there is nothing left to destroy, then all of a sudden, the lockdowns won’t be important anymore.

The goal is destruction.

If the goal was anything other than that, we would be talking about Sweden. We would at least be talking about the fact that this is a country that rid itself of the virus by not doing anything.

Instead, Sweden is never in the headlines. If they have to mention it ever, they say that Sweden had a “light touch.”