France Re-Closes Schools Because Some Kids Tested Positive for Coronavirus

This is all a game and you’re the toy.

You’ve been hearing a lot about “reopening.” What you’re going to start hearing a lot about is “reclosing.”

CBS News:

Just one week after a third of French schoolchildren went back to school in an easing ofthe coronavirus lockdown, there’s been a worrying flareup of about 70 COVID-19 cases linked to schools.

Some schools were opened last week and a further 150,000 junior high students went back to the classroom Monday as further restrictions were loosened by the government. The move initially spelled relief: the end of homeschooling for many hundreds of thousands of exhausted French parents, many whom were also working from home.

But French Education minister Jean-Michel Blanquer sounded the alarm Monday, telling French radio RTL that the return has put some children in new danger of contamination. He said the affected schools are being closed immediately. French media reported that seven schools in northern France were closed.

The situation highlights the precarious situation the French government is finding itself in as it seeks both to reassure the public that the country is moving forward past coronavirus and to react prudently to safeguard public health.

Blanquer did not specify if the 70 cases of COVID-19 were among students or teachers.

I hate to have to keep saying “this is a hoax,” but this is a hoax. Not even the lunatic alarmist apocalypse fetishists of WHO believe that children can be harmed by this virus. They’ve launched the “Kawasaki syndrome” hoax, but they still need time to start faking a bunch of cases of that before they can push it on people.

Children getting infected is actually very good, since children have incredible immune systems and are able to fight off virtually every disease. Allowing all children to get infected in the first place would have been the logical solution to the emergence of this virus.

The only reason they can logically say that they’re closing schools is that they’re afraid kids will kiss grandma. But once again: why wasn’t grandma quarantined instead of the entire society?

Well, because this is a hoax. It was always a hoax designed to be the launchpad for a totally new society managed by a brutal police state.

Yes, they are opening some things up, but they are going to close all of those things again. Most of them will not close again until September, but they will periodically close things throughout the summer, just to remind you.

When the fall hits, that’s when you’re really going to see the full shape of this new society they’re rolling out and rolling over you with.