France: Racist Jew Running for President – On Immigration, Not the Vax

“We must make France pure Aryan again, goy.”

The single biggest problem in France is that Old Man Le Pen did not have a son.

I’m not really sure that this Jew would be worse than Marine Le Pen.

In fact, I’m pretty sure he would not be.


French ultra-right firebrand Eric Zemmour has announced he will run for president in the 2022 election, claiming he is driven by a need to “save” the Gallic people from decadence and minorities that “oppress the majority.”

On Tuesday, right-wing polemicist Zemmour announced his candidacy for the French presidency in a video full of foreboding and ominous music. Sitting at a desk in an ornate library, he speaks of his readiness to “to save the country from the tragic fate that awaits it.”

Zemmour, who has been convicted of inciting racial hatred, doubled down on his narrative that France is in decline as he spoke over images of women in headscarves and black men engaging in fights and civil disturbances. “You feel like you are no longer in the country you once knew… you are foreigners in your own country,” he stated.

“I’ve decided to run in the presidential election so that our children and grandchildren don’t suffer barbarity, so that our girls won’t be veiled… so that they can inherit a France as it was known to our ancestors,” he announced.

Listing a pantheon of French heroes from Joan of Arc to Charles de Gaulle and Jean Gabin, he claims that the once-great nation is in the process of disappearing. The 63-year-old of Algerian-Jewish descent says he cannot be content as a journalist any longer, as he does not trust French politicians to stand up for the Gallic people.

“We must give back the power to the people, take it back from minorities that oppress the majority.”

Anyway, whatever.

I don’t read French very well, but I can’t find him saying anything about the vax, which is the only thing that matters now.

Talking about immigration while people are being force-vaxed is like trying to fix the sink while the house is on fire.

That is the Jewing here, I guess – he’s trying to redirect right-wing energy from the issue of the vax, which is the only thing that matters at all anymore, back to the emotionally charged but currently effectively irrelevant issue of immigration.

If you’re vaxed, it doesn’t matter if you live in a pure Aryan nation run by a racist Jew who orders cops to shoot niggers and Pakis on sight. The only thing that will matter is that you are vaxed.

Anyway, Zemmour isn’t going to win or even be relevant in the election. Along with distracting right-wingers from the vax issue, it just gives leftists something to whine about. It is just a distraction on all levels.