France: Racist and Neo-Nazi Leader Macron Calls for Less Mass Immigration, Wants to Build a Wall

From what we’re able to tell, Emmanuel Macron is just a weird guy who can’t really manage to stay on script.

He’s not actually a good person. He just gets confused and says things that make him sound like a good person before walking it back later.

France 24:

Europe must rethink its open-border Schengen area, including a more robust protection of the zone’s external frontiers, President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday, after a spate of Islamist attacks in France and Austria.

The tighter controls were needed to curb clandestine immigration, said Macron, adding that the criminal gangs illegally trafficking migrants into Europe were often linked to terror networks.

“I am in favour of a deep overhaul of Schengen to re-think its organisation and to strengthen our common border security with a proper border force,” Macron said during a visit to the Franco-Spanish border.

The president said he would present proposals to European Union partners at an EU summit in December.

Europe is reeling from two attacks in the past week that involved assailants who moved freely between Schengen member states.

On Oct. 29, a Tunisian man killed three people in a church in Nice. Brahim Aouissaoui had arrived on the Italian island of Lampedusa, which lies off North Africa, five weeks earlier. After being transferred to the mainland, Aouissaoui travelled into France by train hours before launching his attack.

The jihadist who killed four people in Vienna on Monday travelled to neighbouring Slovakia in July in an attempt to buy ammunition, Austrian officials said.

Macron said the recent attacks were a warning to Europe that “the terrorist risk is everywhere”.

This is the exact opposite of the narrative he’s supposed to be pushing, of course.

Terrorist attacks are not supposed to get in the way of the underlying agenda to turn Europe brown.

Macron actually personally incited these attacks with his cartoons. Obviously, Moslems do these attacks anyway, but they weren’t going to do them now if he hadn’t gone nuts with Muhammed Cartoons. It’s not clear why he did that, or why he is saying this. It’s possible there is some underlying agenda to all of it, which isn’t obvious.

I can tell you what it’s not: it’s not that he’s a good person who wants to help his people. If that was the case, he wouldn’t be doing this lunatic lockdown.

Like every other leader on earth, Macron is aware that Sweden exists.