France: Race War on the Pitch

Diversity Macht Frei
January 21, 2018

A few days ago a football match was played between Saint-Denis and Amiens. When Amiens won the match, supporters of Saint-Denis invaded the pitch and attacked the match officials and the players of the opposing team.

Seine Saint-Denis is the most immigrant-dense part of France. It has been almost completely colonised by brown-skinned people.

The race-war element of this barely needs stating. You see an African mob chase down white officials and a white player, while other Africans bray and jeer from the sidelines.

The referee received three punches, one of the assistants had a split lip, the latter was only saved by some Saint-Denis players intervening and for that we thank them.”

 “I’ve been a manager for 40 years and I’ve never seen anything like that,” explained the vice-president of Amiens in a radio interview, stating that he “reserved the right” to file charges.