France: Presumed Moslem Taxi Driver Stabs English Soccer Hooligan in Chest

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
March 10, 2019

While I love the idea of an enraged French taxi driver going Travis Bickle on an insufferable English hooligan, let’s be honest here: there isn’t a single cabbie in Paris who doesn’t have “Muhammad” in his name.


A British fan of Manchester United football team was stabbed by a Paris taxi driver Wednesday night after the team defeated local club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in the Champions League.

The 44-year-old Manchester United supporter was on the way to the centre of the French capital along with three other fans of the club following the match in which the British club beat PSG 3-1, Le Bien Public reports.

According to the victims, the attack was the result of an argument that broke out after the four supporters began chanting and singing about their club’s victory between them and the taxi driver.

Eventually, the argument heated up to the point where the driver stopped the taxi to kick out the football fans and in doing so grabbed a knife and threatening the four. When one of the football fans confronted the driver, he was stabbed in the chest.

Following the attack, the taxi driver was arrested by police who were not able to locate the weapon used to stab the victim.

The victim, meanwhile, was rushed to the Georges Pompidou European Hospital where he had emergency surgery to remove blood that had filled into one of his lungs. He remains in stable condition.