France: Police Tell 16-Year-Old Girl to Go Underground After She Insulted Islam

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 25, 2020

“Hello, police? I’m a 16-year-old girl and Moslems are threatening to kill me because I insulted their religion, what should I do?”

“You’re going to have to go underground and hope they don’t ever find you.”

Daily Mail:

A 16-year-old French high school student has been told to go into hiding after receiving several death threats for insulting Islam on social media. 

Mila, from Lyon, in eastern France, shared a series of short Instagram videos in response to what she said was online homophobic and racist abuse from religious fanatics.

The teenager, who regularly posts videos of herself singing on her Instagram profile, told those who were abusing her that she hated religion, there was nothing but hate in the Islamic holy book and that Islam itself was sh*t.

She subsequently received a torrent of abuse, alongside a number of serious death threats, that has led to her requiring a police escort.

The high-school student is also reportedly no longer able to set foot inside her school in the city in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region and fears the incident will put an end to her dreams of a singing career.

‘I can no longer set foot in my high school, and I can’t even change my high school because it’s the whole of France that wants me dead,’ she told feminist publication Bellica.

Feminists are racists.

The threats came about after Mila, who loves singing and whose profile is adorned with an LGBT flag, was talking with her followers on Instagram and one of them reportedly began harassing her.

After rebuffing the follower’s advances, he reportedly began insulting her with homophobic attacks and accusations of racism.

Then the attacks took a religious tone, with some users reportedly accusing Mila of insulting ‘our God Allah, the one and only’ and hoping that she would ‘burn in hell.’

It is then that Mila decided to post footage criticising religion in general and Islam.

That was her first mistake.

Why would you live in France if you don’t like Islam? How stupid is this bitch?

Islam is right about women.