France: People Who Got Into Car Accident Robbed Within Seconds by Enriching Vibrants

Daily Stormer
October 3, 2018

This video is from America, not France, but my brain is making a connection for some mysterious reason that is beyond human understanding

Diversity has brought a lot of great things to White countries – meat on a stick, Beyonce, industrial-scale gang-rape, spontaneous explosions everywhere, cars smashing into crowds, exotic diseases and other things that make life vibrant and exciting.

One of the less talked, but equally vibrational, of these things is getting robbed the minute you let your guard down or, in some cases, die in public.

Another great perk of diversity.


A 44-year-old motorcyclist and his partner in France were involved in a fatal collision over the weekend with police investigating allegations they were robbed by locals following the accident.

Sources close to the case, which took place in Villetaneuse, just outside of Paris, claim that local passersby were more interested in filming the fatal crash, taking selfies, and stealing the belongings of the pair than calling emergency servicesLe Parisien reports.

I bet those two dead neon-nazis died in a diverse area on purpose, so that some other neon-nazi can write an article about it and say racist and hateful things.

Because that’s just what these these hateful nazis do.

This is what White Supremacy looks like

The collision occurred on Saturday in the early morning when the motorcyclist slammed into a Volkswagen Golf that was attempting a U-turn.

Following the collision, both the motorcycle driver and his passenger, a young woman, were ejected from their vehicle and though the man initially survived the accident he later succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

While waiting for the emergency services, the driver of the car, who could be facing potential manslaughter charges, claims that hostile locals stole several things from his vehicle and threatened him. The bags of both the motorcyclist and his companion were also stolen.

The incident comes only a month after a similar case in which an off-duty police officer in Paris was attacked while attempting to help passengers of a vehicle that had been involved in a serious collision. The female officer was attacked by one of the passengers she was trying to help after she had taken pictures of the accident to aid her fellow officers who were on their way to the scene.

Attacks from locals on emergency services elsewhere in France have also caused, sometimes major, problems such as a case in Nice in which local youths harassed a fire crew and attempted to steal equipment from them.

They only did it because they’re poor, end of story.

Crime is caused exclusively by poverty, as Jewish economists have discovered long ago.

And if that’s not enough, just look at this picture of graffiti on a wall I found on Google Images:

Left you filthy Nazis speechless, didn’t I?