France: People Trying to Intentionally Get Fake Virus to Avoid the Deadly Vaxx

This is like the story of the gays trying to get HIV so they don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Except that it isn’t like that, because the gays weren’t hunted down by government thugs if they didn’t get HIV.

It is like that though because HIV doesn’t exist either.

To be clear: France is still allowing proof of natural infection and recovery in place of a vaxx pass.

Free West Media:

According to media reports, more and more people in France want to intentionally become infected with the Coronavirus in order to avoid vaccination. As a convalescent, the “pass sanitaire” or health passport is easier to obtain. The pass will be required for restaurant visits or long-distance travel on trains.

Various French publications have reported on the burgeoning trend in France that seems to be particularly popular with young adults. Instead of relying on a vaccination, these people prefer an infection with SARS-CoV-2 in order to participate in society.

Franceinfo quoted a 20-year-old French woman who said she had little fear of the possible effects of an infection. “In the worst case, I’ll be in bed for a few days, or better still, I won’t have any symptoms at all.”

In the newspaper Le Figaro, a twenty-five-year-old said he was deliberately breaking hygiene rules by not wearing a mask or washing his hands. He said he hoped to get infected in order to get the “pass sanitaire” for which he would otherwise have to wait weeks because of the period between vaccinations.

“In all honesty, if a friend tells me that she has Covid, I might go to her so that she coughs on me,” another admitted.

A similar attitude was also seen among users on social networks. “I would rather have Covid once than to be vaccinated every three months until the end of my life,” wrote a user on Twitter.

Another user said that her husband had gone into quarantine but despite her best efforts, she did not succeed in contracting the virus. “I’ve tried everything to get it. Impossible.”

This was obviously bound to happen, and it makes you wonder why it is that the government doesn’t just give people the option of being infected with the virus, rather than taking their deadly vaccine.

Maybe they don’t give you that option because they haven’t isolated the virus, and don’t actually have any evidence that it even exists?

But no.

Even if the virus did exist and they had it on hand, they would still make you take the vaccine.

In America, so-called “natural immunity” (which is in itself a complex hoax) is no longer considered acceptable as an immunity, and you have to get the vaxx anyway.

In France, that will soon become Iron Virus Law as well.

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