France: People Rise Up and Attack Vaxx Centers!

Extreme news from France!

Extreme news that for some reason isn’t getting translated into English!

Le Monde (Google Translate):

Two Covid-19 vaccination centers were ransacked in less than 48 hours in France, over the weekend of July 16 to 18. In the department of Isère, a vaccination center was vandalized in Lans-en-Vercors during the night from Friday to Saturday, we learned from the mayor of this town, confirming information from the regional daily The Dauphiné freed.

“The municipal building in which the vaccination center was installed is completely out of order, all fire-fighting systems have been opened,” explains the mayor of the city, Michaël Kraemer. Furniture, syringes and compresses were also ransacked.

“1940”, “ARN = danger”, “Vaccine = genocide”: anti-vaccine inscriptions and crosses of Lorraine were also tagged on the building and the tourist office. “We make dubious and despicable shortcuts, it is a lack of culture and total respect for the history of Vercors,” high place of the maquis during the Second World War, denounces Mr. Kraemer.

Okay, so that’s some kind of anti-Nazi thing.


It doesn’t matter.

I don’t even support the violence anyway.

However, this shows that people are standing up and refusing to tolerate this oppression. Finally. Finally. Finally. People are not going to take it anymore.

More and more people are realizing that this agenda is in fact diabolical.

Inviting this vaxx agenda into your home and into your community is no different than opening that box in Hellraiser!

The people have to stand up and say NO!

Probably, vandalizing vaxx centers doesn’t help that agenda of saying “no,” and actually might help the enemy agenda of portraying anti-vaxxers as terrorists. But the fact that people are going to these lengths and risking imprisonment to fight against this vaxx agenda shows that people are finally beginning to realize the gravity of the situation.