France: Peasants Rise Up and Throw Off Their Shackles Against Cops

Imagine that French mask cucks are literally locked in their houses and their economy is being totally collapsed in on itself and they are out protesting and starting fires to protest some esoteric Black Lives Matter nonsense.

BBC News:

French police have fired tear gas at protesters rallying in Paris against a bill that would make it a criminal offence to film or take photos of police with malevolent intent.

Clashes began after some in the crowd threw stones and fireworks at police. Cars and a newspaper kiosk were set on fire and dozens were arrested.

Opponents say the bill undermines press freedom to document police brutality.

But the government says it will help protect officers from online abuse.

On Saturday, demonstrations were also being held in Bordeaux, Lille, Montpellier, Nantes and other cities across France.

Earlier this week, footage emerged of three white policemen racially abusing and beating a black music producer.

The images, which show Michel Zecler being kicked and punched at his Paris studio, have shocked the nation.

President Emmanuel Macron described the incident as “unacceptable” and “shameful”, demanding quick government proposals how to rebuild trust between police and citizens.

How did he describe a bunch of mask cucks coming out to start fires and flip trucks in the name of blacks?

This is so obviously just redirecting discontent with the actions of the government into the stupidest dead ends. You get arrested for protesting against the lockdown, but you’re allowed to flip trucks if you say “it’s for the blacks.”