France: Over 114,000 People March Against the Virus Hoax!

I’ve said it and I’ll keep saying it: nothing is going to stop the governments from implementing full tyranny.

However, the more pushback it gets before it’s complete, the less stable it will be when it finally comes together, and therefore, the quicker it will fall.


Some 114,000 people have rallied across France to denounce what they see as government intrusion into their private lives. The protests were in response to the rollout of Covid-19 certificates and mandatory vaccination plans.

Thousands-strong protests took place in major French cities on Saturday, with a total of 137 protest events reported by the Interior Ministry. The biggest march in Paris drew about 18,000 people. The activists were chanting “Liberty!” and carrying signs protesting the policies of President Emmanuel Macron and demanding his resignation.

The eruption of public anger came in response to the measures that Macron’s government is taking to rein in the Covid-19 epidemic. On Monday, it was announced that health workers will have to be vaccinated by mid-September or lose their jobs. In August, France is to make Covid-19 passports required to visit public spaces like restaurants. The paper certifies that a person has been vaccinated, has recently recovered from the disease, or has a fresh negative test.

The protesters see such health policies as unacceptable coercion, discrimination against vaccine sceptics, and a slide towards tyranny on the part of the government. Smaller rallies against the proposed measures happened in France throughout the week.

Unlike some previous events, Saturday’s rallies were mostly peaceful, barring a few minor incidents. The police reportedly deployed tear gas in Dijon and Nantes and made several arrests in Lyon.

Political forces are capitalizing on the public dissent over Covid-19. The rally in the capital was attended by right-wing politicians Florian Philippot and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan.

Philippot, formerly the vice president of the National Front, announced his candidacy for next year’s presidential election this week. During the rally, he introduced a man who appeared to tear his vaccination certificate into pieces in a gesture of protest.

I am proud of the French.

The really amazing thing about all of this is that Americans are simply not aware that this is happening.

Americans, moronic and babylike as they are, believe that the virus hoax is over – even whilst it looms at their door, waiting to shut it all down once and for all.