France Now Starting Process of Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

France: A futuristic democracy of black Islamic women whacked out on drugs. This is the future. Next stop: Mars colony.

There’s been a decades-long Jewish media operation to normalize the use of marijuana, and now they’re in the process of legalizing it across the world.

The Connexion:

The French parliament will launch an online questionnaire today to better understand public opinion towards recreational cannabis use.

The questionnaire, which will have five or six questions, will be available on the Assemblée nationale website for around one month.

MP for Essonne and leader of the project, Robin Reda, told AFP that a report detailing the results would be available towards the end of March or beginning of April.

He said: “The goal is to inform debate as much as possible. The success of the survey will depend on the largest number of people possible participating.”

Of course, the legalization of marijuana is also tied to the decriminalization of all other drugs.

It’s difficult to imagine anything more obvious than the government’s motivation for encouraging drug use during a period of mass social unrest, but apparently, the peasants aren’t capable of making that connection, and are viewing this all as some great flow of progress.

Not only are Somalians and transsexuals going to be at the forefront of space exploration – when they land on Mars, they’re going to be blasted out of their gourds on recreational mind-altering drugs.

This is the future, and it’s coming at you fast.