France: New “Van of Peace” Incident Kills One – Terrorism Ruled Out Immediately

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 21, 2017

To be fair, it could also be a rogue AI wreaking havoc.

I used to be confused about this whole “vehicle running down pedestrians” thing. When is it terrorism? When is it mental illness?

Tough question.

But I’ve finally figured out the formula.

If the vehicle is a Dodge Challenger, then it’s always terrorism – even if there’s no evidence. If the vehicle is a van, then the incident is always caused by mental illness and/or social repression of minorities.

Washington Post:

A Marseille police official confirms reports that a van has rammed two bus stops in two different neighborhoods of the Mediterranean port city, killing a woman and injuring another person.

The only solution to this is to institute “bus-stop control.” These bus stops are a public menace!

David-Olivier Reverdy of the Alliance police union says the driver of the Renault Master van was arrested in the scenic Old Port neighborhood Monday morning.

He says it is too early to blame the incident on terrorism, but “given the times” it cannot be excluded as a motive. He says all possibilities are currently being studied.

Oh, wow, maybe it’s terrorism after all?


This guy forgot the formula. It’s a van, so it definitely can’t be anything else than mental illness, remember?


Here’s an update.

4:40 p.m.

Police in France say there are ruling out terrorism as a motive for the van that rammed into two Marseille bus stops, killing a woman at one of them.

A police official said “the terrorist motive is completely rejected” for the incident Monday morning.

Police had already said that the driver of the white van that hit the bus stops in two neighborhoods is being treated for psychological problems.

Wew. That was a close one.

I almost had to reconsider my pre-conceptions on this one. Thankfully, he was insane, which makes it perfectly fine.

I just have a few nagging doubts though…

Why weren’t we getting “truck of peace” ‘ed on the regular a few years back, if it’s unrelated to Islam?

Also, why aren’t they revealing the name of the killer if he’s not a Moslem terrorist?