France: Media Group Sues Facebook for Hate Speech

Watchdogs really are the most Jewish of all the dog types.


Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has launched a lawsuit against Facebook in France, accusing the social media giant of breaching its own terms of service by allowing hate speech and misinformation to spread on its site.

The media watchdog group took the step to challenge Facebook over what it described as “misleading commercial practices” and a “massive proliferation” of problematic content on the company’s platform.

The legal action focuses on a section of Facebook’s policies that pledge to provide “a safe, secure and error-free environment” for users but RSF argues that hate speech and false information mean that the company is in breach of its own guidelines.

While the lawsuit has been filed in a French court, the group has named Facebook France and Facebook Ireland, as the Irish side manages some of the actions of the French branch.

If a court agrees that Facebook has engaged in “misleading commercial practices”, the company could face a fine of €1.5 million ($1.79 million), which can be increased to 10% of the company’s average annual revenue over a three year period.

Imagine that these journalists are sitting around saying “there is still too much free speech – we have to crush the rest of it.”

Facebook would actually likely oblige, it’s just that it is really expensive to have people who work in all of these different languages running all these strict thought-control programs.