France: Mass Protests After High Court Rules Macron Vaxx Agenda is Legal

“COVID = State Lie
Paris for freedom”

I’m still trying to imagine the mind of a normie. Emmanuel Macron is destroying any political future that he might have had in order to force the masses of French to go along with a globalist agenda against the popular will.

How is it possible to explain that within the context of a belief system wherein the global political order is defined by elected politicians making decisions with their personal faculties?

Is this current order even being marketed to anyone beyond the lowest level of moron, incapable of sussing out what is right in front of his face?

If this is true, then how do they possibly intend to keep this ball rolling long term?

Has it ever been possible for a totalitarian political order to maintain itself indefinitely with only the support of the lowest level of moron?


Reinvigorated mass protests kicked off in the French capital shortly after the country’s top court upheld controversial legislation which makes a coronavirus ‘health pass’ mandatory for the general public.

Hundreds of protesters marched through the streets of Paris on Thursday, heading towards the Constitutional Court. The judicial body ruled on the Covid legislation package earlier in the day.

The court rejected some parts of the proposed law, including a provision allowing French authorities to enforce mandatory quarantine on any person who tested positive for the virus. However, the court upheld the majority of the legislation, including the compulsory vaccination of caregivers and the ‘health pass’, as constitutional.

A large crowd of protesters gathered by the court, expressing their anger over the ruling. The court itself was cordoned off, with a heavy police presence in the area, as shown in footage from the scene shared on social media.

The protesters chanted various slogans, including “Macron, we don’t want your pass,” referring to one of the most-criticized provisions of the law. The legislation, expected to be enacted on Monday, is set to make the so-called ‘health passes’ mandatory in France, barring anyone without them from restaurants, bars and other public venues.

The measure, tabled by the government back in July, has triggered wide debates as well as mass protests that have rocked the country for three consecutive weekends. Its critics have accused the government of steering the country into a “dictatorship” and depriving people of their basic rights.

I’m very happy with how things are going in France. Wonderfully, they are outright denying the entire hoax.

The French have always been natural whiners, but they’ve usually been slightly misguided in what exactly they were whining about.

Now that the globalist elite have taken off the surgical mask to show their needly teeth, no one is confused as to what the enemy is, or what his agenda is.

They are trying to use this virus scam to inject people with an experimental gene therapy, to permanently strip everyone of their most basic civil rights, and to establish a brutal technological control grid.

There isn’t any denying that now.

The only question is whether or not you are willing to surrender your bodily integrity and your fundamental rights, and to agree to be permanently locked into a high-tech control grid where your every move is tracked and traced by the government and private international corporations as the cost of being protected from a boogieman virus.

When it is all laid bare as it is now, anyone who has ever taken issue with the political establishment is unlikely to simply surrender.

The aforementioned normies, who still believe this situation entails local decisions by politicians, may also trust that these politicians truly do have their health in mind, as they wrangle them into the QR code slave grid. There is also the class of hardcore government cultists, who simply worship power.

But everyone else is going to resist.

Political ideology no longer matters.

The only distinction that exists is between the vaxxed slaves and the unvaxxed resisters.

The line is drawn, and people are choosing sides.

I do not believe their vaxx numbers. I think that among whites in any country, vaxx surrender has been far below 50%. I also don’t believe that any significant number of people who have not yet surrendered to the vaxx are likely to do so in the future, short of being tortured or directly threatened with something otherwise extremely uncomfortable.

This is to say: things could be a whole helluva lot worse.