France: Marseille Ferry Enriched with Explosives, Army Mobilized

Daily Stormer
August 1, 2016


Ready to set sail on the seas of Jihad.

What’s that? Did I hear anyone complaining about these non stop Akbars? Prime Minister Manuel Valls already told you that you have to get used to this terrorism. If you can’t get over your bigoted prejudices against Jihad, you’re a part of the problem.

The solution, of course, is more Moslems.


Once France is 100% Moslem, it’ll finally know peace. Until then, we just have to brace ourselves.

Daily Mail:

A ferry has been evacuated at a French port after an explosion was heard as passengers were boarding.

The incident has taken place in Joliette, in Marseille, this morning on the 9am service to Sardinia.

Reports in France say that 77 passengers and crew were forced to flee the Jean Nicoli ferry after the explosion was heard.

France has drafted in heavily armed soldiers and police to its ports in fear of ISIS jihadis boarding ferries.

The specialist forces have been called upon following intelligence warnings that ferries could be at risk.

The French president Francois Hollande said he would increase armed security at transport hubs and crowded areas, but the appearance of soldiers at Calais is said to have shocked British authorities.


What? We can’t let these bloody frogs slow the flow of migrants into Britain!

It’s still unclear what happened here, obviously. Nobody seems to have been killed, and the boat wasn’t even sunk. So the question is, is this a failed terrorist attack or merely some accidental explosion?

The fact that the secret services were already on alert about ISIS attacks on these ferries would seem to indicate that this was no accident.

Frankly, these sand monkeys are so stupid that it’s surprising their terrorisms don’t fail more often. Last week some dumb Moslem blew himself up outside, killing no-one, because he forgot to buy a ticket to the music festival he was targeting.

Talk about sloppy.


These Akbars are seriously lacking in professionalism.

In any case, many people are saying that France is on the brink of civil war. The Jews have kept too tight a lid on the country it seems , and it’s ready to blow up in their faces. At this stage we can welcome each of these attacks (especially those that make no victims, like this one) as pushing the French closer to the edge.

If the French finally flip their lids, then the rest of Europe is sure to follow.