France Mandates Workplace Cuck Muzzles

You will be safe.

Oh, yes.


Masks will be compulsory in the workplace in France with the exception of individual offices where they may be removed, Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne announced Tuesday after a meeting with unions and employers’ representatives.

Citing COVID-19 outbreaks occurring at work over the last few weeks, Elisabeth Borne told AFP that “it [was] necessary to systematize, as recommended by the High Council of Public Health (HCSP), the wearing of masks in all work spaces that are closed and shared.”

Only targeted exemptions may be granted.

The minister also recommended remote work when possible. Consultations are continuing with unions and business groups to adapt health and safety protocols in case of another coronavirus spike. Mask-wearing and other potential measures should be enforced within the next two weeks.

Masks are to be considered professional protective equipment and must therefore be paid by employers, Borne also said.

Everyone wants it like this.

And by “everyone,” I of course mean “women.”

They’re the only people who are really people.

They know best.

And they know that the more and more we learn about how harmless this virus actually is, the more and more extreme we have to get in destroying our freedoms, our personal lives and our most basic social order in order to combat it.