France: Man Who Bitchslapped Macron Gets Out of Jail, Says He’d Do It Again

Damien Tarel

The prosecutors initially demand he stay in prison for 18 months!

Imagine spending a year and a half in a cage for a slap.


A man who spent several months behind bars for slapping French President Emmanuel Macron this summer has said he has received many letters in support of his “political” action.

Damien Tarel told BFM TV he feels “no regret” over attacking the head of the French state. “I deplore physical violence. Nevertheless, it was just a tiny slap. I believe Macron has recovered extremely well,” he said, adding that he plans to attend protests against Covid-19 health passes in the near future.

The 28-year-old was released on Saturday after serving a prison sentence for slapping Macron in early June. He hit the president as he was greeting a crowd of spectators during a trip to southern France.

A historical swordsmanship enthusiast, Tarel shouted “Montjoie, Saint-Denis!” – a medieval French battle cry – and “Down with the Macronia!” when he struck the president.

“That day I came to challenge President Emmanuel Macron,” Tarel said after his release. “I don’t believe that democracy is voting once every five years for a representative who in the end doesn’t represent many people.”

In a separate interview with France Bleu radio, the young man called his actions that day a “political act.”

It is a political act, and it’s one that gets taken seriously because the one thing that our overlords cannot tolerate is being made to look ridiculous.