France: Macron Government Draft Law Gives Lesbians and Single Women Right to Free Artificial Insemination

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
August 5, 2019

You should be paying for lesbians and single mothers’ kids because Equality.

After all, aren’t lesbians and single women already paying for YOUR kids?


Single women and lesbians in France won’t have to go abroad to have babies anymore under a proposed new law that would give them access to medically assisted reproduction for the first time.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s government has presented a draft law on bioethics that includes expanding the eligibility for treatments such as artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization, or IVF. French law currently restricts assisted reproduction to infertile heterosexual couples.

With the proposed bill, the French national health care system would cover the cost of assisted reproduction for all women, under an age limit yet to be set, for four rounds of treatments for each pregnancy. The bill also allows sperm donor anonymity to be lifted on demand by donors’ children when they reach 18, instead of the strict donor anonymity that now exists in France. The proposed law will not lift the French ban on surrogacy.

Insemination, fertility treatments and all forms of assisted reproduction are pretty expensive procedures. The cost is not to be downplayed.

The law would keep the babies and mothers from running afoul of the French legal system and give them access to the country’s generous health care system.

The changes were a key demand of French LGBT rights groups after France legalized same-sex marriage in 2013.

This simply is a measure of equality for French female citizens, whatever their sexual orientation is,” the Association of Gay and Lesbian Parents and Future Parents said in a statement.

Medically assisted reproduction for lesbian couples or single women or both is already legal in 18 of the European Union’s 28 countries. French women now blocked from getting assisted reproduction at home often go to neighboring Spain or Belgium if they can afford it, where a single IVF round costs several thousand euros (dollars).

Oh, they’re just moving on with the times.

If they want to give women the right to have kids with no father figure around, they’re implicitly stating that they think fathers are not really necessary for the well-being and development of the kid.

If that is the case, having any law forcing men to pay for their kids would be a contradiction.

Why should men pay for kids if women have control over their wombs and fathers are not necessary for children?

This should be discussed.

It doesn’t make sense to allow single women or lesbians to be artificially inseminated and to raise kids with no fathers in the same system that forces men to pay for their kids alleging that kids need a father.

If women are so strong and independent that they can have kids without men, then stop forcing men to give their money to women just because they are the mothers of those men’s kids.

Either women are able to manage their bodies and wombs, or they’re not. If they are, no men should pay for the consequences of their decisions. If they’re not, and men are going to be held accountable for women’s actions, then men should be legally allowed to control all of women’s actions.