France: Macron Announces Mandatory Digital Vaccine Certificate for Shops, Trains, Cafes, And More

Vaxxin’, vaxxin’, vaxxin’ – keep them goyim vaxxin’.


French president Emmanuel Macron has announced new health rules to contain the spread of the Delta variant of COVID-19. The country is currently hosting the Cannes Film Festival with several thousands of guests from all around the world.

The key measure announced by Macron will make the EU Digital Covid Certificate — commonly called “health pass” — mandatory in all cultural venues, including cinemas, theaters and concert halls starting on July 21. Starting in August, the health pass will be mandatory in cafes, shops, restaurants, as well as trains and planes, among other places.

Macron is also making the vaccine mandatory for all doctors, nurses and caregivers, as well as people with health conditions or those considered “vulnerable.”

“As I’m talking now, our country is confronted with a strong uptake of the pandemic which is impacting all of France, including its overseas territories,” said Macron. “As long as the virus will continue circulating, we will be confronted with this situation. The rise of the Delta variant is seen through an increase of contaminations everywhere in the world because this variant is three times more contagious than the first strain,” added Macron.

“New restrictions have been enforced in Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands to face this new variant. In Asia, new lockdown measures have been taken,” added Macron.

As soon as they ended “flatten the curve” and turned it into “just stay locked down until the virus ends,” you were permanently locked down. There cannot be any end to this.

Who is believing this “variant” bullshit?

Andrew Anglin said more than a year ago that they would invent excuses to keep the hoax going AFTER they vaxxed people. All of this stuff was laid out. You can go read the archives.

How is it possible that Anglin could predict all of these stages, and then they also be true? Is he a prophet?

The government and media themselves were not talking about new versions of the virus until after the vaxx was on the way. They said that the vaxx would be the end of this lunacy and then people would get their freedoms back.

So, how did Anglin know?

Was it a guess?

But then he also predicted all of the rest of it. He predicted the internal passport tracking system with the QR codes. He predicted that they would merge this virus hoax with the global warming hoax. He predicted literally everything that is happening.

The only logical explanation of how Anglin could have predicted all of this is that it was all preplanned, and he was able to figure out what the plan was.

At this point, the more obvious the hoax the more likely people are to believe it. In order to question any of this, you would have to:

  • Admit that you were stupid enough to believe the most idiotic hoax in all of human history (way dumber than the Hitler masturbation machine stuff), and
  • Admit that the government, the media, and all these globalist organizations have some type of inexplicable, insane agenda

Early on, in the first few months – or at least the first year – people could say “the government is stupid and got it wrong.”

First the boomers said that it was all about fighting against Trump. Then when Joe Biden got in and started upping the ante, they said stuff like: “The dems are trying to figure out how to get out of this after they exaggerated the threat of the virus, which actually isn’t that big of a deal. A lot of people got it wrong.”

You can’t say that stuff now that they’re saying “an endless strain of variants” and “permanent lockdown to stop global warming.”

To understand the gravity of this situation, these illusions would have to be dropped. You would have to admit that this is a long-planned, long-term agenda to transform society.