France: Lesbos Craving Sperm, Government Said NO – Until Now?

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 29, 2019

There are few things lesbians – better known as carpet munchers – desire more than male sperm.

You learn something new everyday.


I learned that until now, the French government has been holding back hordes of sperm-thirsty lesbos from their sperm banks, desperate to keep their men’s precious vital essence from being wasted on these harpies.

It made me feel a little bit warm inside.

But good things don’t last – and now the kikes running the French system might open the flood gates for freaks of all kinds getting access to artificial insemination.

As if we need insane French lesbos raising more kids.

Out Magazine:

France is considering a reform to its bioethics laws that some clinicians warn will result in long wait times for sperm.

Currently, only opposite-sex couples can use In vitro vertilization in France. The treatment is also restricted to couples who are infertile or risk transmitting a disease or genetic condition.

What’s this? Laws preventing the spread of genetic conditions? Isn’t that… Eugenics?

How did discredited Nazi science, such as the idea that children can inherit their parent’s traits, influence French laws to this day?

But seriously, aren’t all perverts chock full of “diseases” and “conditions,” just waiting to be transmitted?

No, beyond that, don’t homos insist that they’re “born that way?” In that case, just being a homo would mean you’re a genetic defective, right?

The proposed reforms would allow same-sex couples to use IVF, but according to Channel News Asia, Health Minister Agnes Buzyn says demand will skyrocket if the measures pass, predicting that 2,000 additional women will seek artificial insemination.

Waiting times for sperm are already quite long in france. It can take a year on average from registration to treatment. The French network of sperm banks say that they’re only just barely able to meet demand as is.

These lesbos are so thirsty for male sperm they’re threatening to break down the entire system!

What incorrigible perverts!

Is this some kind of new fetish?


There were fewer than 363 sperm donations conducted in France through official channels last year. Sperm banks are not allowed to financially compensate donors.

Nathalie Rives, who represents the French sperm bank industry, told Reuters, “There will be a period of instability, with increased demand and the need to recruit new donors. We don’t know how long this instability will last and whether there will be a shortage.”

Polling indicates that most French citizens support the proposal, which was a key element of President Emmanuel Macron’s 2017 campaign.

As an aside, can you imagine what kind of human being would make “giving lesbos unlimited access to frozen cum” a key campaign promise?


Right. Makes sense.

About two thirds of respondents endorsed the plan, but it remains opposed by conservative forces, including Manif Pour Tous, the anti-LGBTQ+ group that tried to block marriage equality from becoming law in 2013.

This is a picture of an anime girl drinking milk, and has apparently nothing to do with the content of this article. *Cough*

France currently experiences a large black market for sperm due to the lack of availability and legal restrictions.

The mind shudders just thinking about what this “sperm black market” even looks like. Especially considering that it’s almost certainly run by a bunch of homos.

Yes, ma’am, this is the fertilization room. And yes, I’m a real doctor, huehuehue…