France: Le Pen Loses Parliamentary Immunity, Could Spend up to 3 Years in Prison for Posting on Twitter

Daily Stormer
November 9, 2017

French parliament, celebrating the destruction of their country

Marine Le Pen is the head of one of France’s biggest parties, a member of the French parliament, a former member of the EU parliament and a former candidate for the presidency of France that managed to make it into the second round.

And yet – she might go to prison for posting pictures of people killed by ISIS on her Twitter account.

One of the pictures she posted was of American journalist James Foley with his head chopped off

If she were an actual ISIS terrorist, she’d be less likely to go to jail.

The Local:

 France’s National Assembly on Wednesday lifted the immunity from prosecution of far-right leader Marine Le Pen for tweeting pictures of Islamic State group atrocities, according to reports.

The decision was taken by a cross-party committee in charge of the internal functioning of the assembly, after a request from the authorities to lift Le Pen’s parliamentary immunity over a crime that carries up to three years in prison.

Three years in prison for posting on the internet. Remember, these are the people calling us “authoritarian.”

Also, I searched on several sites and couldn’t find what exactly is the crime they’re accusing her of committing. I can’t read French, but everywhere I looked, it literally says “for posting violent images on Twitter” and nothing else, no specific law she broke.

In the meantime, not only are the actual terrorists returning to France and other parts of Europe not having any kind of problems (they’re even getting money from their governments), but you’re supposed to feel sorry for them because their iPods don’t work anymore…

I cried reading this

 The leader of the National Front, who ran a failed campaign for president this year, in 2015 tweeted three pictures of IS atrocities, including one of
James Foley, an American journalist beheaded by the extremists.

“Daesh is THIS!” she wrote in a post accompanying the photos, using an Arabic acronym for IS.

Faced with outrage on social media and from Foley’s family, Le Pen later deleted the picture of the American, saying she had been unaware he was the man in the picture.

And why exactly is that illegal? No one even tries explaining this… And no one cares.

French authorities launched an investigation into the incident but could not press charges while Le Pen had protection from prosecution.

At the time Le Pen was a member of the European Parliament.

That assembly voted in March to lift her immunity over the pictures but three months later she won it back after being elected to the French parliament.

Wednesday’s decision of the 22-member Assembly committee is the latest blow to the 49-year-old politician, who has appeared adrift since suffering a sound defeat at the hands of Emmanuel Macron in May’s presidential runoff.

Such good little shabbos goyim. They’re so eager to defend (((democracy))) from tweets…

The party also fared badly in June parliamentary elections, taking just eight seats out of 577 — too few to have much of an impact on lawmaking.

For those of you who don’t know anything about the last parliamentary elections in France – In the first round Front National received 13.20% of the vote and got exactly 0% of the seats, while in the second round they got 8.75% of the votes and 1.39% of the seats in parliament. So they wouldn’t have done that bad if the elections were legit, and that’s not even considering how many people didn’t vote for them precisely because they knew the electoral system would make their vote worthless.

That’s how (((democracy))) and (((freedom))) are supposed to work.

Regardless of your opinions of Le Pen (I think she’s a dumb bitch), the sheer brazenness of what they’re doing to her should make us all remember that in some countries, we won’t be able to settle this through peaceful means.