France: Jew on Trial for Anti-Arab Hate Speech Cries “Anti-Semitism”

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 21, 2017

France’s speech laws were passed by Jewish organizations like the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions (CRIF) in conjunction with the (((French Communist Party))). This reserve of draconian litigation has historically been used to jail or bankrupt individuals who have dared to question or satirize Jewish power, such as the comedian Dieudonné, the historian Robert Faurisson and most recently, Jean-Marine Le Pen, father of the Presidential frontrunner Marine Le Pen, who was convicted of speech crime for calling the Holocaust “a detail of history.” Last week he was charged again for making a pun about ovens.

Thus far, the comparatively weak Muslim advocacy groups in France have willfully failed to protect their own when Jews drag them before show trials, but now it appears they are becoming emboldened and looking to test the waters.

Back in December, an organization called “Collective Against Islamophobia” filed a complaint to take Jewish Zionist polemicist Georges Bensoussan to court over an interview where he claimed all Arabs were born hating Jews. Suddenly, most of the Jewish groups in France who spearhead the majority of hate speech prosecutions don’t like thought-crime laws anymore (with the single exception of the “International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism”).

For the first time, French media, NGOs and (((intellectuals))) are taking the side of the person being accused of idea-crime, claiming the equal application of existing laws to Jews is “anti-Semitism” and comparing it to the “Dreyfuss Affair.”


The hate speech trial of a prominent French historian charged with calling Arabs innately anti-Semitic is dividing French Jews and sowing dissent within the local equivalent of the Anti-Defamation League.

It is all happening over just two words: “mother’s milk.”

Georges Bensoussan, one of the world’s leading experts on Jews in Arab lands, used the two fateful words during a radio interview in 2015. Citing the work of an Algerian sociologist, he asserted that “in Arab families in France and beyond, everybody knows but will not say that anti-Semitism is transmitted with mother’s milk.

Former Le Monde reporter Yves Mamou called the prosecution “a Jihad against the truth” and “France’s new Dreyfus Trial” in reference to the wrongful conviction for treason in 1894 of a Jewish army captain.

Sammy Ghozlan, founder of the center-right National Bureau of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism, condemned the prosecution as “shocking.”

“I think it’s deplorable how LICRA has lowered itself into this quagmire of a trial against telling the truth,” he added in an interview Thursday with JTA.

Ghozlan, a former police commissioner, said people with origins in Muslim countries in recent years have been responsible for most of the hundreds of violent anti-Semitic incidents recorded in France. At least eight people were murdered since 2012 in jihadist attacks on Jewish targets.

Discontent over Bensoussan’s prosecution spread to more centrist circles, exposing the left-leaning LICRA to criticism by Finkielkraut. Last year he received the country’s ultimate academic distinction when he entered the Academie Francaise pantheon of great thinkers.

The trial “is a way of avoiding investigative thought and any public expression on Islam except for praise,” Finkielkraut said in the RCJ interview.

In a scathing op-ed in the Marianne weekly, columnist Martine Gozlan called the trial “shameful” and an attempt to “silence free thought.”

It’s a recurring accusation by advocates of several French thinkers, Jews and others, who have paid a personal and public price recently for speaking out against Islam or in defense of Israel.

The list includes Michel Houellebecq, who has received death threats for writing a novel critical of political Islam; Bernard-Henri Levy, who is reviled by many members of his left-wing circles for defending Israel, and Finkilkraut himself, who was violently ejected from a public gathering recently because he is a “Zionist.”

Gozlan also noted that LICRA’s fellow plaintiff, the Collective Against Islamophobia, has been accused — including by LICRA itself — of propagating anti-Semitic disinformation against Prime Minister Manuel Valls, whose wife is Jewish.

On Feb. 2 Philippe Karsenty, the French Jewish activist and deputy mayor of the Paris suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine, echoed Gozlan’s sentiment in an op-ed he wrote with lawyer Pierre Lurçat.

A lot of National Front activists who have been victimized by France’s censorship statutes have come to this Jew’s defense – but why? No major Jewish organization or media entity has ever come defended Jean-Marie Le Pen or Bruno Gollnisch. In fact, their own parties don’t even defend them, and NF drove both out at the behest of “right-wing Jews” cultivating increasing clout around Marine Le Pen.

If advocacy for the French on racial grounds and debunking Jewish urban legends like the Holocaust is illegal, then there should also be bans on supporting the Jewish racial supremacist doctrine of Zionism and its many tenets (like that Arabs need to be killed because they’re born “anti-Semitic”). Jews getting Jew’d by their own laws is a laudable endeavor worth coordinated pursuit.

It goes without saying that the French courts will throw this case out. But Frenchmen should take a page from the Arab playbook and start opening up cases against Jews who demonize whites every day in the local Judenpresse, which will force Jews to fiercely counter-signal their own laws until the concept of “hate speech” is fully discredited in the eyes of the public.

The only way to beat the Jew is by mirroring him. No platform for the Talmudic scum!