France Installs Pissboxes Along Scenic Seine: Locals Mad Enough to Overthrow Government

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 14, 2018

It really does surprise me to hear stories like this. That is, to hear what the good people of Occupied Europe find it in themselves to be outraged about.

The Guardian:

A set of eco-friendly but completely exposed urinals that have been introduced to the streets of Paris are provoking uproar among residents.

One of the bright-red “urinoirs” installed on the Île Saint-Louis, not far from Notre Dame Cathedral and overlooking tourist boats passing on the Seine, has caused particular indignation.

Residents and businesses have written to the town hall to demand its removal and are planning a petition.

“There’s no need to put something so immodest and ugly in such an historic spot,” said Paola Pellizzari, 68, owner of a Venetian art store.

Speaking of eyesores…

It’s really funny isn’t it?

Waves of migrants continue to pour in, hundreds of thousands just milling around Paris alone, total degradation of societal norms, and yet…things just keep on humming along, albeit with a few terror attacks, stabbings and rapings along the way.

The rich part of town continues to do well. The urban bobo’s continue to do bobo things…

But residents and businesses of Île Saint-Louis said the receptacle, with no stall around it of any kind, could blight the neighbourhood.

“It’s horrible,” said the 50-year-old owner of a nearby art gallery, who declined to give his name. “We’re told we have to accept this but this is absolutely unacceptable. It’s destroying the legacy of the island. Can’t people behave?“

Oh rly? It’s the urinals – the urinals are where you draw the line?

Ariel Weil, the local mayor, said the devices were necessary. Paris authorities have rolled out four of theurinals in spots where public peeing has been a problem, and a fifth is planned.

“If we don’t do anything, then men are just going to pee in the streets,” Weil said. “If it is really bothering people, we will find another location.”

Some have described the urinals as discriminatory.

“They have been installed on a sexist proposition: men cannot control themselves [from the bladder point of view] and so all of society has to adapt,” said Gwendoline Coipeault of French feminist group Femmes Solidaires. “The public space must be transformed to cause them minimum discomfort. It’s absurd, no one needs to urinate in the street.”

Clearly, aybody who is anybody in Parisian society is weighing on on the pee-box debate.

Funny enough, I get the feeling that the French used to be meta-aware of this phenomenon. That obsession with the mundane and the frivolous as everything comes burning down around you.

In America, the equivalent would be Boomers mowing those damn lawns of theirs to get them compliant with neighborhood regulations, or just out of habit at this point, as their neighborhood’s demographics drastically change over a short four year period.

But you know, can’t be thinking about that. Time to shave off another quarter inch off the ol’ green.