France Increases “Paternity Leave” in Bid to Denigrate Masculinity Even Further

Feminism isn’t just about turning women into men. It’s also about turning men into women.

New York Times:

Paid paternity leave in France will be doubled from 14 to 28 days starting next summer, and fathers will be required to take at least a week off work after their babies are born, President Emmanuel Macron announced this week, offering one of the more generous plans in Europe.

“When a baby arrives in the world, there is no reason it should be just the mother who takes care of it,” Mr. Macron said on Wednesday as he announced the plan, arguing that parents should have “more equality in sharing the responsibility from the first day.”

The announcement caps a year of debate in France about the first 1,000 days of a child’s life. In September, the neuropsychiatrist Boris Cyrulnik suggested in a report commissioned by Mr. Macron’s government that fathers should be able to take up to nine weeks’ paid leave.

Mr. Cyrulnik welcomed the extension announced by Mr. Macron, even though it is less ambitious than the report’s suggestion. “It’s a start. Things move gradually — they are not done abruptly,” Mr. Cyrulnik said on France Inter radio. “The presence of the father is much more important than we thought, much earlier than we believed.”

Researchers in Europe have long documented the benefits of paternity leaves on fathers, their partners and their children: Fathers who take paternity leave remain more engaged in parenting, studies show, and are more likely to divide household chores after a long leave. And female partners of men who take paternity leave are less inclined to need anti-anxiety prescriptions.

Well, I guarantee, they’re not doing it to help men. They’re doing it to emasculate men.

If you are offered “paternity leave,” do not take it. Or if you want to take it, go on a fishing and/or camping trip with your father and have him give you advice on how to raise kids. Don’t take any of the advice, but listen to it and act like you’re taking it seriously. You owe him that much for taking the time to inject you into your mother.

If the wife complains about you going on the fishing trip with pops, don’t worry about it. She needs to learn early that you’re not doing that mommy shit. She’s the mommy and she’s going to be the only one in the house taking care of mommy business.

This is not some ultra-alpha Conan the Barbarian shit I’m preaching here: if you’re a man who cares for an infant, you might as well just be a literal tranny. No man at any time in all of history did this, and watching men do it now is beyond the pale. When I see a grown man playing with a baby, I get physically ill.

Don’t hold it, don’t make noises with it, don’t feed it – don’t do any of that shit, ever.

You do NOT want to be a man who cares for infants. It is disgusting and inexcusable.

Oh – and don’t go to the hospital when she’s giving birth, you sick freak!

Have some dignity!

If you’re a father or thinking about becoming one, read this article:

Children are Loud, Stinky, Cruel Terrorists – And Women Love Them

It is not satire. It is the truth, delivered frankly.

Your wife will complain, because she is an insufferable cunt. But understand: if you do the “second mommy” thing, she is going to lose huge amounts of respect for you, and losing respect puts you in a much worse position than if she’s simply angry or even bitter.

She can’t not lose respect for you. It is a biological response of revulsion to see a man caring for an infant, and women respond to these cues a lot stronger than men do.

Don’t be a stroller pusher.