France Imposes Curfew on Black Island of Guadeloupe Due to Anti-Vaxer Riots

It’s a real shame no one thought to protest this virus hoax when there was actually a chance that we could have done something about it.

Oh well.


France has imposed a curfew on its overseas territory of Guadeloupe and is sending extra police to the island, citing days of “violence,” unrest and vandalism in response to harsh pandemic restrictions.

“Given the ongoing social unrest and acts of vandalism, the prefect of Guadeloupe has decided to establish a curfew starting today from 6pm to 5am,” Alexandre Rochatte, who represents the archipelago as prefect, said on Friday.

Earlier on Friday, the French Interior Ministry noted that 200 French police officers and gendarmes would be shipped into Guadeloupe in the coming days to crack down on the “violence” and “restore republican order.”

The move comes after nearly a week of heated protests over local Covid-19 policies – which include mandatory vaccinations for healthcare staff and other ‘essential’ workers, among other things. Demonstrators have torched cars and erected burning barricades in the streets, while doctors, firefighters and other professionals have walked off their jobs in protest, according to Reuters.

Guadeloupe is near America. Near Cuba.

It’s mostly black.

There’s a fair amount of serious burnage at hand here, folks.

This is one time I can say: I fully support this black riot.

Moreover: this actually, literally is white people forcing their values on brown people. It’s similar to when white people go to brown countries and demand they have feminism, abortion, and gay rimjobs.

The virus hoax is a white people thing. Sorry. White people love this. They do. Look around you.

So: white cops are being sent in to force vax the blacks.

Meanwhile, in Africa, the natural governments of the blacks are not vaxing anyone, because everyone has agreed this whole stupid agenda is insane.

Based on that map, I’m beginning to think that maybe blacks are the smartest people on earth.

Whatever their intelligence, they are the most adapted to deal with the hoax crisis. They do not just have blind faith in authority in the way that moron white people do.