France: Hundreds of White French Rush Moslem Prayer Hall, Burn Korans

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 27, 2015


The race war is heating up with one of the biggest anti-immigrant riots yet. It’s hardly getting coverage in the media.

Daily Stormer:

Up to 600 French protesters desecrated a Muslim prayer hall in Corsica in a revenge attack prompted by the wounding of two firefighters and a police officer.

The furious mob smashed the prayer hall’s glass door, ransacked the interior and left around 50 partially-burned Korans littering the street overnight.

Chanting ‘Arabs get out!’ and ‘This is our home’, protesters marched through the streets of the French Mediterranean island’s capital, Ajaccio.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls described the attack on Twitter as ‘an unacceptable desecration’, and branded the violence towards the firefighters as an ‘intolerable attack’.

The violence began on the night of December 24, when two firefighters were ‘ambushed’ by ‘several hooded youths’ in the low-income neighbourhood of Jardins de L’Empereur.

It escalated when several hundred people gathered in front of police headquarters in the capital city, before marching through the streets to the housing estate where the attack on the firefighters took place.

They then launched the violent assault on the local prayer room.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazaneuve insisted the perpetrators of both incidents would be tracked down and arrested, adding that there was no place for ‘racism and xenophobia’ in France.

He said of the attack on the firefighters that he hoped ‘the authors of the violence would be identified and arrested as soon as possible’.

Six hundred people would make this one of the largest anti-immigrant riots thus far. The one in the Netherlands earlier this month had 2000 White participants, and was probably the biggest ever by far (it resulted in the canceling of the planned invasion center, by the way).

The Dutch Riot: Old guys were throwing elbows at cops
The Dutch Riot: Old guys were throwing elbows at cops

These French are asking the same thing we’re all asking: what exactly are these people doing in our countries? They are a drain on the economy, they hate us, they are criminals, many are murderers. They have no purpose.

If we are letting them in as a charity program – and that is clearly the only conceivable reason – why not just send them money in their own countries? What is the point of bringing them here?

It all leads, of course, to the Jewish problem. Jews have used emotional manipulation, media brainwashing and other dirty trickery to make people accept the idea that this invasion is somehow necessary and inevitable.

The Aftermath
The Aftermath
Burned Korans
Burned Korans

Rioting and burning Korans is not the best way to deal with these problems, but people obviously feel their backs are against the wall. They have been given virtually no option of a political solution, and they’re now at the point where they aren’t even allowed to talk about the invasion publicly or they can be arrested.

So what do you expect them to do?

It will be interesting to see where this goes next, because although the media is trying their best to downplay this, the Moslems are hearing about it and they will respond (either in an organized or disorganized fashion).

All of Europe is effectively a low intensity conflict zone.