France: Grocery Store Worker Violently Arrested for Wearing Mask Wrong

In France, you can now get arrested for wearing a mask wrong, even if you are alone in an aisle.

A video of an August 19 event shows a French grocery store worker getting physically hassled and then arrested for not having the mask all the way over his nose.

A witness interviewed outside of the Carfour explains in the above video that he heard the man explain that he’d been working a double shift from early morning, and that a couple of times per day he has to let his nose out so he can breathe.

The cops explained that they don’t care, and he would be going to jail. The witness recounts that the man agreed to go to jail but simply asked if he could walk out with them without handcuffs, as he didn’t want to be thus humiliated. The cops refused his request, and the CCTV footage shows the two cops attacking the man and wrestling him for more than a minute before the man was subdued.

A female co-worker of the arrested is also interviewed in the news piece, and she explains that the scene was very traumatic and that she and other female employees were crying. She actually appears to imply that she didn’t disagree with the arrest, but simply the fact that the police molested him in this way after he had volunteered to leave peacefully with them.

As we’ve explained in intensively excruciating detail here on It Ain’t a Mistake, Snowflake, the coronavirus is not a serious threat. It is a mild flu virus, which, like all flu viruses, can be fatal to the elderly or the chronically ill, but will virtually never cause serious complications for healthy people.

When we initially described the virus this way, there was conceivably still some room for debate. However, there no longer is any such room for debate. In every Western country, half or more of the alleged deaths from the virus are in the nursing home. Moreover, Sweden did not implement a lockdown or masks and they have not experienced any kind of crisis, and in fact have a lower per capita death rate than the UK and most American states.

There is no way for a serious person to make the claim that healthy people need to be concerned about this. Yet the more clear it gets that the virus is not dangerous, the more destructive and oppressive the measures of Western governments become. Frankly, there is no way that this is incompetence or confusion: every government that is still doing these measures is purposefully doing them as a way to manipulate the society.

We look at the results and we see a collapse of the economy and a brutal police state where all of our freedoms which were established at the beginning of civilization itself have been stripped from us.

In this situation, you have cops not only arresting someone for wearing a mask wrong, but refusing to allow a man who they knew was not a criminal go with them without handcuffs. They have presumably been ordered to do this, so that people get accustomed to the sight of random people getting violently dragged away by police in broad daylight.

If someone is grabbed by cops and dragged off, and the reason is “because of coronavirus,” you have a situation where anyone can be dragged away by the police, for any reason or no reason. Can we imagine the kinds of things that can start happening now that our corrupt governments have the ability to grab any person off the street and drag them away without any valid explanation being given?

Right now, at this very specific point in history, we are all witnessing the erection of a brutal technological police state which none of us can fully grasp the scope of. I’m grasping it more than most, and I will tell you this: there is an ache in my bones.

The governments of the West are all cooperating on this agenda. We do not know what their plan is, but it is staggeringly evident that nothing is ever going back to normal. We are moving into a new phase of the system. The controllers of this system wanted widespread poverty and they wanted a complete police state where there is no such concept of personal liberty. That is the frame that has been set. You then have the racially-framed communist uprisings and you have an aggressive agenda to harass the few remaining countries not currently a part of this system.

What we appear to be looking at is a plan to roll out a global control system, the likes of which has been promoted going back as far as the establishment of the original “League of Nations” following World War I.

We can speculate, of course, about what this all means, but one thing is very certain: every single one of us is going to regret not having done more to stop this.