France: Granny-Fucker Macron Wants To Make It Illegal For Men To Ask Women For Their Number

Daily Stormer
September 20, 2017

After the French surrendered to everyone else, the time has finally come for them to surrender to themselves. And Macron is the key to this transformation without which Sweden can’t survive.

Daily Mail:

Emmanuel Macron wants to ban men from following women and asking for their phone number under new plans to end the ‘macho’ culture in France.

The 39-year-old French President vowed to crackdown on harassment on public transport and in the street when he was on the election trail earlier this year.

You know there’s only one way to actually do that, right? Round up all the darkies and either deport or kill them. Everything else is not gonna work. After all, torching cars is illegal too, and it happens on a daily basis everywhere in France.

 A working party set up by, Marlene Schiappa, the under-secretary for gender equality, is now looking to produce legislation making it illegal to harass people in a public place – and this could mean outlawing wolf-whistles.

Marlene Schiappa is a childless 34-year-old woman who writes a feminist blog. Totally the right person for the job.

I thought she was a Jewess at first, but it turns out she’s just ugly, dumb and annoying

Five MPs on the committee will examine the legal definition of street harassment before ruling what fines should be imposed, according to The Times.

But critics say the measures will be hard to implement because of the difficulty of proving an offence had taken place.

Proof will be the color of your skin and your political views. It’s called Anarcho-tyranny , and it’s a staple of all countries run by kikes.

 Schiappa, a blogger and novelist who Macron has appointed to his cabinet, suggested earlier this year that punishments could be in the form of on-the-spot fines – but the exact figure has yet to be determined.

Six gorillion euros should be more than enough.

 Speaking to the Guardian, she revealed sexual harassment on the street was a ‘huge phenomenon’ in France.

‘It’s that moment when a man is walking behind a woman, talking to her, and the woman can do nothing, because she’s alone. She doesn’t scream for help, because she thinks, “It’s not that bad, I’ll walk, I’ll escape.”

‘Men feel it’s acceptable: they’re being “the French lover”.’

Which is far worst than being the moslem gang-rapist.

Everybody that Breivik killed would’ve grown up to be one of these

She said that women are molested so often that many dress to avoid it before using public transport.

The previous government launched a campaign called Stop: That’s Enough as part of a crackdown.

Schiappa added: ‘At the moment, many men are saying, “It’s not a big deal, we’re only having fun.” And we say, “No”‘.

And I’m sure all the subhumans flooding into your country will care…