France: Government to Start Handing Out Free Marijuana to the Population

It’s almost like governments want their populations to be high on drugs so the people don’t resist what they’re doing to them.

Marijuana Business Daily:

The French government published a long-awaited decree this week detailing how a limited medical cannabis experiment will be carried out.

It was also confirmed that up to 3,000 patients will be able to participate in the experiment.

Participating companies will have to supply the medical cannabis products to patients free of charge, and the products will have to comply with pharmaceutical standards, including Good Manufacturing Practice.The first prescriptions are now expected to occur in March 2021.

The experiment will be limited in time – two years starting with the first prescription or March 31, 2021, whichever comes first.

The decree also determined that the Ministry of Health and Solidarity is responsible for the execution of the project.

Free drugs are going to be standard in the coming hell. They will be linked to the universal basic income system.

The peasants hear this and they say, “oh great! The government is going to give us free drugs, so we can get high and not think about all of these problems happening everywhere! Gee, the government sure is good to us! I like drugs!”

How many geniuses, how many revolutionaries, have we lost to drugs?

Six million?

I would reckon it’s more.

That’s without mentioning what they do to the quality of our sluts.

It just makes you want to bang your head against a wall.

I am entirely exhausted.