France: Government to Embark on New “Mo Money fo Dem Programz” Quest to Fix the Banlieues

Daily Stormer
April 27, 2018

Deez keedz wouldn’t be throwing molotovs at cops if they had a community center

France, like the rest of the world, has a major problem.

And that problem is RACISM, the invisible, ubiquitous force that magically turns every black and brown country, city, town and neighborhood on the face of the earth into a shithole.

There is only one solution for this problem – and that’s infinity gibs, forever and ever.

The Local:

The man tasked by the French president with creating “radical change” in France’s poorest and high-immigration suburbs has unveiled his groundbreaking plans.

Nearly 6 million people, around a tenth of France’s population, live in 1,500 neighbourhoods categorized as “urban policy priority districts”.

Since his election campaign, Macron has vowed to tackle this social crisis, condemning the “house arrest” that many young people face in the banlieues, held back by poverty, unemployment and crime.

Three of the things that appear everywhere there are mud people – because of RACISM.

The 60-page report lists 19 programmes to kickstart major social change in these deprived areas. Here are some of Borloo’s most groundbreaking plans for equal opportunities for France’s banlieues.

Yeah, unless you genetically modifies the monkeys living there to be capable of being productive in a modern society, you’re just wasting money.

If only they had a community center…

But let’s see what these geniuses came up with.

An academy of leaders

In order for residents of France’s banlieues to have better access to senior civil service positions, Borloo is pushing for a Leadership Academy to be annexed to Strasbourg’s prestigious National School of Administration (ENA).

Five hundred of the best and the brightest from France’s disadvantaged neighbourhoods would be offered unprecedented access to important state positions and thus counteract the current “homogeneity of ENA’s graduates”. “We miss out on extraordinary talents from these neighbourhoods,” Borloo has said of the current system.

So 500 of the “smartest” ones are getting affirmative action make-work jobs for the state where they’ll be useless at best, destructive at worst.

What’s next?

Education cities

As a way of offering disadvantaged children support throughout their upbringing, Borloo wants the French government to create mini school cities that have a health centre, a school, a community centre and recreational facilities all under one roof.

Community center – called it!

I wonder how civilization survived before the invention of community centers.

Or were those what brought on civilization in the first place?

Massive social housing revamp

Approximately 120,000 social housing buildings including 100,000 condominiums are classified as at risk, be it because tenants can’t pay the rent or because their homes have fallen into severe disrepair. Borloo is asking for increased funding for the complete revamp of these decaying homes to be guaranteed, as promised by Macron, who pledged to double a 10-year fund for urban renewal to 10 billion euros.

The blueprint report also suggested a special task force of magistrates and other legal staff be created to more effectively expropriate or buy back between 3000 and 5000 of these derelict properties per year.

So these creatures already live in in houses subsidized with White people’s money, don’t even bother taking care of them, and now you want to give them even more of White people’s money to fix them because that will do… What, exactly?

“Working class” LOL

What is the thought process here?

What is this supposed to solve?

200 digital campuses

One of the highlights of the report is a €1 billion plan to build 200 digital campuses in France’s banlieues as a way of ensuring young people from poorer backgrounds are digitally literate. Borloo referred to them as “an unimaginable resource pool” for the growing demand in digital employment, arguing that France’s younger generation is innately tech-savvy.

He wants these campuses, which would receive an annual €200 million investment, to offer everything from long-distance degrees, to hands-on training as well recruitment agencies for public and private.

One billion euros (that’s about 1.2 billion dollars) to teach niggers and sandniggers how to code…

Now that’s a sound investment if I ever heard one.

I have a feeling the next Bill Gates will be someone with a mid 80s IQ.


We’re getting to the best part now!

Three employment strategies

To address unemployment in France’s banlieues, Borloo want to first train 100,000 people to work in personal and home care services, as well as 5,000 annual recruits to the Armed Forces. His report has also suggested temp work agencies take part in a test to see if they could create 20,000 full-time posts for residents of priority neighbourhoods.

You hear that, Jacques?

They’re gonna take a bunch of these things:

Give some military training and weapons, and have the rest take care of old people, including your grandma.

And you’re not only gonna pay for it, you’re also gonna go to prison if you try to do anything about it!

The article continues with several more brilliant ideas, including creating more nursery spots – because you wanna make sure the lowest forms of life in your country can reproduce as easily as possible – but I’m gonna stop here, you get the point.

It’s a total waste of time and (enormous amounts of)  money, and things will only get worse as more of these creatures keep flooding into France and into the rest of Europe.

But look at the bright side – if France weren’t turning into a mélange of Haiti, Algeria and Yemen, Sweden might not be around today.

And doesn’t that make it all worthwhile?