France: Government to Ban Edition of Magazine for Showing Graphic Pictures of Victims From the Nice Attack

Daily Stormer
July 14, 2017

Publishing these would be bad for the goyim, because the goyim are so stupid that seeing corpses of people who look like themselves strewn over the pavement with their blood and entrails all around them might make them forget the blessing of having their kebabs made in the authentic manner – by low IQ subhumans who don’t wash their hands after using the left one to clean their anus of shit.


France’s anti-terrorism prosecutor ordered an urgent court hearing Thursday to try to stop the sale of the latest edition of the picture magazine Paris Match showing gruesome photos of the terror attack in Nice a year ago that killed 86 people.

A guy in charge with prosecuting terrorists is URGENTLY trying to stop the publication of an issue of a magazine. That’s the state the kike vermin and the worthless cucks who follow their orders have brought Europe to.

Victims’ organizations denounced the photos as the Riviera city of Nice prepares for the Bastille Day fete and commemoration of those killed July 14, 2016, when a 19-ton truck barreled into celebrating crowds.

Stephan Gicquel, who heads the leading victims’ association Fenvac, said on BFM-TV that a favorable ruling would be a “strong signal to show … there are limits,” adding that “we don’t need these shock pictures to understand the horror of terrorism.”

Such a good little cuck you are, aren’t you? Don’t show people the raw, undiluted consequences of what your (((masters))) are doing, they might start asking questions. Questions like “Why the fuck are there ragheads in my country?” or “Who keeps stopping me from killing the the foreign peoples who have invaded and are conquering my country?”

And your (((masters))) don’t like where those questions lead to.

The magazine’s executive director, Olivier Royant, said he would defend “tooth and nail” what he said was “the right of citizens, first among them the victims, to know exactly what happened” on the day of the fatal attack.

He said the report, with photos, was a way for his publication “to pay homage to victims … so that society does not forget,” adding that the right of the media to inform is a foundation of democracy.

It’s good to see a Frenchman who doesn’t cuck once in a while, but he clearly has no understanding of how the world works. In current year “democracy” means “you do what the Jews want you to do,” and everything else is fascist.

On this day one year ago, Emilie Chevrier died for your kebab.
Happy Bastille Day!