France: Government Tells People to Stop Speaking with Each Other on the Train

The time has come for the filthy goyim to shut their dirty, goyim word holes.


Passengers on public transport systems should avoid talking to one another or on the phone in order to minimise the risk of spreading coronavirus, the French National Academy of Medecine said.

“The mandatory wearing of masks on public transport, where social distancing is not possible, should by accompanied by one very simple precaution: avoid talking and making phone calls,” the academy said in a statement.

Academy member Patrick Berche said on BFM TV on Saturday that if there were only three people in a subway car there was no problem, but if you were only two centimetres away from the next person it made sense not to converse or talk on the phone.

“It is not an obligation, it is a recommendation,” he said.

The goyim have long been simply too noisy, and too involved in communication with one another.

The virus is of course a disaster, because it has killed trillions of people in a super-deadly way. However, the good news is that the virus can be used for good, such as for silencing the goyim in public, so they don’t make noise, and don’t communicate with one another.

Goyim communicating with one another, when they should be getting all of their information from the TV and from blue checks on Twitter, has long been a big problem. So we should thank the virus for allowing us to finally shut down this annoying problem.

What’s the point of talking to each other in real life, when you can speak freely on the internet?