France Gets Legit I Can’t Breather, Riots to Intensify

Cedric… oh, Cedric, my sweet boy. My sweet, beautiful boy…

I’m shocked to find that this poor child was murdered because they hated the color of his skin.

Truly terrible behavior from the French bastard cops.

France should get rid of the cops – permanently. That way people with colored skin would be able to jovially go about their merry way.

The Guardian:

A French delivery driver who died after being arrested in Paris pleaded “I’m suffocating” several times as police held him to the ground.

Footage has emerged of 42-year-old Cédric Chouviat saying he could not breathe seven times in 22 seconds as officers pinned him to the ground.

Four police officers are being questioned for “involuntary homicide” over the arrest near the Eiffel Tower in January that echoes the death of George Floyd in the US that has sparked worldwide protests and Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

Police said they stopped Chouviat on his scooter after claiming he was looking at his mobile phone and had a dirty licence plate. Officers claim he was disrespectful and abusive and resisted arrest.

However, a report by the National Gendarmerie Institute for Criminal Research suggested the exchanges between the police and the delivery driver were “correct”, although officers may have felt he was being “provocative” or “defiant”.

Tapes examined by investigators suggest the situation turned after nine minutes and 44 seconds of exchanges in which Chouviat can be heard calling an officer a “fool” several times.

According to witnesses quoted by Le Monde, the officers held Chouviat, a father of five, in a chokehold, a controversial restraint technique that was banned by the interior minister, Christophe Castaner, this month then reinstated after complaints from police.

In a report on the incident by investigators, seen by Le Monde, the investigative website Mediapart and the news agency Agence France-Presse, an expert who analysed several video recordings of the arrest declared: “Apart from the arrest, we did not notice any flagrantly violent words or noises. The exchange is relatively civil, even if we can sense a form of ‘provocation’ or ‘defiance’ in (Couviat’s) words.”

It adds: “At 11 minutes 16 seconds (Couviat) tells the police officer that he’s a ‘fool’. The officer decides to arrest him. In the next 22 seconds we can hear different sounds we cannot identify. The arrested person says several times ‘I’m suffocating’ . We can hear one of the police officers say, ‘All good, all good, handcuffs on’.”

Chouviat had a heart attack and was taken to hospital in a coma. He died two days later. A postmortem concluded he had died from asphyxia having sustained a “fracture of the larynx”.

It fills me with a very deep and dark sadness to think of Cedric, cut down in the prime of his life by hatred.

I’m very happy that white women are rallying behind his wife in order to crush racial hatred by abolishing the cops.

We need to crush the cops and let France be taken over by vicious Moroccan drug gangs.

That will finally give the French scum the punishment they truly deserve for their hatred for skin colors.

Vengeance for Cedric – NOW!