France: Fourth Night of Moslem Riots in Nantes – Allah Pleased

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
July 7, 2018

Emmanuel Macron, artist’s depiction, 2018

Well, I reported on this situation in the original article on the first night of riots.

We are now into the fourth night.

Looks like the situation is really…

heating up.


Why do Moslems burn down cities?

They are not doing this for this or that reason, they are just doing this because they are Moslem, and basically, it’s naive of you to project your own racial character, “rational action and response,” to wild forces of nature.

Why does a bear shit in the woods?

I can only answer that question so many times.

The only other question, of course:

Will the French government continue to tolerate this?

The answer, of course, is yes.


A French policeman who fatally shot a black man during a brawl with officers has been charged with manslaughter. The man’s death has led to an outbreak of violence, with riots extending into their fourth day on Saturday.

Yeah, someone definitely needs to be charged in this situation, and it can’t be the violent rioters, because you know, that would be racist. It’s going to be entertaining to see French police degrade in quality as they are sacrificed by their mad Emperor to the globo-homo-islamo.

Tensions continue to run high in Nantes, a city in western France where a 22-year-old man, identified as Aboubakar Fofana, was shot dead by a police officer as he was resisting arrest on Tuesday. Fofana received a lethal injury to his neck and bled out before medics arrived after his car was pulled over by officers for an inspection. The young man, who was suspected of being involved in drug trafficking, reportedly did not carry an ID and gave the police a false name, prompting them to apprehend him.

As he refused to surrender, an altercation ensued. At some point, a police officer standing nearby intervened, gunning the suspect down.

Yeah, you still shouldn’t attack the police. This video is from right after, as they begin to chimp.

Things went downhill fast.

Turns out it was a negro. I had previously reported that it was an arab- turns out it was a negro with a moslem name. A niggermoslem.

The incident has sparked a wave of unrest, which has swept through mostly impoverished and immigrant-heavy neighborhoods of the city, as well as Fofana’s native Paris suburb of Garges-les-Gonesse. Some 1,000 protesters descended on Nantes on Thursday, chanting “justice for Abou.”

Justice pour Apu, who was killed despite doing nothing wrong.

The crowd set 52 cars ablaze, including the city mayor’s, and vandalized several buildings, setting fire to a shopping center, a library and a police station. In a bid to quell the violence, police deployed tear gas.

I can’t imagine what “bringing tear gas to a molotov cocktail fight” look like, but I imagine that it’s something like this –

Okay, so, serious question.

Is this getting tiresome, yet?

tfw when moslems rioting in france is normal now

I mean, things blowing up everywhere in Syria got tiresome, after a while. It has some cinematic appeal, but at a certain point, everyone just says, “Yeah, but that’s Syria.” And they tune out.

There would be a time when this would be a front page news item, like, “woah.” I remember that time. It was called… 2012.

Kids growing up now in France won’t remember that time.

This will be the only France they have ever known.

Why do I have to be getting all nostalgic for 2012, which was a genuinely terrible period of time?

I’m not tired of this yet, but I can feel the fatigue setting in. How long is it going to take before we just say,

“Yeah, but, that’s France.”